Should 14 year olds have jobs

By Jose Rodarte

They Should have Jobs

a few reasons why 14 year olds should have jobs is because we need to prepare ourselves for the future when we need to work and we to know some dicsipline for ourselves

It helps families

there is a ton of families out that dont have a house because they simply don't have the money and they might have a job but cant makeenough money but have a kid that can work well maybe they can mak the right amount of money so they can carry a good life notjust for them but for anybody they want

Concerns That People Have

People ask that how are the kids gonna have a job if they have school at the same time and well that is simple to answer because they can do it part time or when they dont have any school. Also what if they get hurt during work well if im not mistaken the business that the child is working for will pay for the injury.