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Remote Learning: Update May 7, 2020

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Principal Notes

Dear Cimarron Middle School Families,

During the week of May 19-21, Cimarron will allow our students and parents/guardians to return school materials and pick up personal belongings left at the school through a curbside process with assigned time/date slots. This process is optional for families who would like to pick up or return items. If you have two or more children at Cimarron, choose the pick up time that works best.

Schedule: Please note your assigned grade level and team times.

May 19- 6th Grade

8:00-9:00 Team Aztec

9:30-10:30 Team Morgan

11:00-12:00 Team Nokota

12:00-12:30 Team Shire

May 20- 7th Grade

8:00-9:00 Team Appaloosa

9:30-10:30 Team Blazer

11:00-12:00 Team Lipizzan

May 21- 8th Grade

8:00-9:00 Team Caspian

9:30-10:30 Team Mustang

11:00-12:00 Team Palomino

Personal Belongings

If your child needs to pick up personal belongings, please complete 6th Grade Form, 7th Grade Form , 8th Grade Form to let us know the belongings your student needs to pick up. This will expedite the process and help us quickly locate all personal items.

Personal Items You May Pick Up:

  • Musical Instruments
  • Student Medications
  • Personal Student Belongings

Items to Return/Drop Off: Please label each item with your child’s name, team and grade level.

  • Textbooks/Classroom Books
  • Library Books
  • Musical Instruments
  • Uniforms (i.e. athletics, band)
  • Technology Devices

Distributed at a Later Date:

We will not be distributing these items:

  • Gym Uniforms
  • Artwork

Yearbook Distribution / 8th Grade Yard Signs: Yearbooks will be distributed during each grade drop off / pick up times. 8th grade yard signs will be distributed to 8th grade students only.

Process for Families: During your child’s team pick up time (detailed above) you will pull your vehicle into the front car loop off of Canterberry Parkway and follow signage. A member of our staff will come to your vehicle to pick up any items your student is returning, and provide your student with items to pick up as listed above.

  • Put items in the trunk of your car and a sign with your last name on the dash

  • Families will remain in their vehicle during this process, and wear a cloth mask.

  • Limit the number of people coming to pick up or drop off items if possible.

  • Our school staff will wear protective gloves and masks throughout this process.

  • Label all items that your student will be returning to the school with their name and team.

Special Item Pickup/Drop off on Buffaloberry:

If you need to check-in a computer, pick up medication, or have a student in the SSN program, please use the bus loop entrance on Buffaloberry Dr. All other families will enter through the main drop/pickup loop on Canterberry Parkway.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation in this process.


Chris Zimmerman

See Official Letter Here

Yearbook Information

Yearbook distribution will be available during your grade level and team pickup and drop off time.

The Jostens printing plant in Tennessee has remained open, and the yearbook is being printed on schedule. We typically have a rush of students on the last day wanting to buy the last remaining books. We still have a small cushion of these books available to purchase online at the Jostens website.

If you would like to donate a book to an 8th-grade student that has not received one, you can purchase filling in the first name as "yearbook" and the last name as "donation.

Mark your Calendars!

8th Grade Video Release Virtual Event: May 21@2:45
2020 Student Athletes of the Year
Make Your Mark from Home 1

Cimarron Counseling Team

Cimarron Community,

In addition to the online learning opportunities which are available to you during this time though each teacher, you still have access to our Counselors, Social Worker, and Psychologist during school hours on normally scheduled school days.

Emily Benson : Counselor for Prevention Office- 720-433-1318 Email-

Jill Bull : 6th Grade Counselor Office- 720-433-1357 Email-

Scarlett Doise : School Social Worker (Special Education) Office- 720-433-1314 Email -

Stephanie Farrell: School Psychologist (Special Education) - Office- 720-433-1387 Email -

Valerie Fincher : 7th Grade Counselor Office- 720-433-1339 Email-

Holly Laut : 8th Grade Counselor Office- 720-433-1372 Email-

Catherine Scholz : Restorative Counselor Office- 720-433-1309 Email-

Rose Walsh White : Group Counselor Office- 720-433-1404 Email-

You can use this link to Request to see a counselor.

Some additional resources for you can be found on our Counseling Resource Page. Here is an Online assignment planner if you would like to make a copy to use during the remote learning window.

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In Crisis, Getting Back to Basics

In this unprecedented time in the history of the world, we will make it through by going back to the basics. When the going gets tough in athletics or business or war, teams, companies, and armies revert to the basics to make sure strategies and endurance will carry them through to the other side. To make it through COVID-19, we will need support and a key to that is the basics of C-A-R-E that stand for: Count, Aware, Reach, and Encourage:

C – Count your blessings – be thankful for what you have and look for those who are in your realm of influence. If we all keep an eye out for each other, we will make it through this.

A – Aware – Be aware of the restrictions in place to keep us all safe. Be aware of those around you who need help or encouragement.

R – Reach – Reach out in any way you can – abiding by the restrictions in place – to help with the needs that arise.

E – Encourage – Encourage those who need encouragement in creative ways virtually or by phone.

B.I.O.N.I.C. is sponsoring a movement called #viralcaring to challenge people to reach out. Let's make the caring spirit go viral so that everyone of every age will be reached out to and know that people care. We are even offering it as a contest to help students have something meaningful to do if the days get long or boredom sets in.

Click here for more information on #viralcaring....
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Legend Feeder, Regional Video

Safe2Tell Colorado

Safe2Tell Colorado provides students and adults in Colorado schools and communities an increased ability to both prevent and report violence, by making safe, ANONYMOUS reports. The 24-hour bystander tipline, staffed by professionals from the Colorado State Patrol, is available to students, parents, and communities to report any kind of concerns to their safety or the safety of others. The Safe2Tell Colorado tipline is completely anonymous and does not have caller ID. The focus of Safe2Tell is early intervention and prevention.