play league of legands


this is set champions that you can use at the start but you earn points every game and you can buy champions with those points


the points are called ip if you lose you will get no less than 50 ip if you win you can get up to 120 ip but every day for your first win you will get a bonus witch will give you 150 ip

buying champions

in the store champions cost 450 ip to 6300 ip the prises are 450 to 1350 to 3150 to 4800 to 6300

you can buy champions for real money and money week there are sales

champion skins

you buy champion skins with real money

skins make the champ look allot better and it makes there ability's look better

Incredible Ranked Cassiopeia Plays

ranked gameplay

the highest level is level 30 and when your are level 30 and you have 15 champions you will be able to join raked queue's

on your profile they record all of your kills,death,wins and loses that you have on your ranked matches.


sometimes you will get put with noobs because of your elo

This is Why You're Stuck in "ELO Hell"

this is my own account

my account may be bad but is is because of my ELO

if you have a good game try and add some of the people that you had a good game with then if you play together well then always play with each other if there online and you can make a ranked team with them. PRO Xx GAMING is my acount if you see this add me

my lol

my brother told me about lol and downloaded it on my computer when when i got to level 30 i started to play with my brothers freinds like : allnamestaken69,thexdon,harp0 and more hey all have about 1000 wins and i have 500. tere are much better than me but allnamestaken69 teaches me how to play like a pro.