By:Christian Avila

Most important belief

The self is always changing,what you are reborn into reflects on your actions in your past life.

Why believe that

They try to understand the parables from myths and legends about their belief.

Why believers follow teachings of buddhism

They try to reach peace like buddha did under the tree and try and understand their belief and the everything.

What extremist in buddhism do against nonbelievers

Extremist in buddha are now doing things against the Jews because either a buddhist was killed,assaulted,or vandalised by a Jew.

Buddhist current event

There is a monk that pledges to protect Buddhism from all other religions like what they are doing against the Jews.The bad part is that some of them might get hurt or go to jail.The monk is the leader of the marches on Jews.

Buddhist Art/Artifact

There is an altarpiece that is dedicated to Buddha.It is one of the few artifacts that is intact from back then.

Made in 1938 found by Rogers Fund

Buddhist song/poem

All that we are is the result

of what we thought

The mind is everything

What we think what we