Come Volunteer at the Hull House!

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Facts of The Hull House

We are a group of people who are trying to renew the education of young children. When we found the house in 1889, we introduced the idea of this house by reading books and showing art to people who were interested in helping get the house up and running. Our main goal by this point was to give immigrants a home and help them start to develop their lives.


In the Hull House we have made a kindergarten program for mothers to take their young children to get an education. Tons of people have already joined our program to make this school more efficient. We started with 24 student and now we have 70 on the waiting list. If more people volunteer we can start creating more classes for these kids.
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Hall House Banquet

Tuesday, June 24th 1890 at 7pm

800 South Halsted Street

Chicago, IL

The reason why we are holding the dinner is to let people have a good dinner and talk about the cause we are trying to progress.