Tips for New Parents

Christina Rodriguez

Newborn Appearance

What does a newborn baby really look like? Babies often never look like the babies you see on tv after they are born. The ones you see are nice and clean but in reality they are slimy and wrinkly. Their eyelids will be swollen and puffy. Their skull bones may have been shifted so it will look like there is a dent. You may notice dry, peeling skin for the first few weeks. Your newborn's skin might also be covered by fine, downy hair at birth known as lanugo. Also you might notice white bumps on your newborn's face known as milia. Their hands and feet might be blue for the first few hours. They may also be covered with vernix, a greasy white substance that protects the skin.

Bonding with your Infant

It may seem hard to bond with your baby but trust me it makes all the difference when they grow up. Have some skin-to-skin cuddle time. Hold it and rock it. Human touch is soothing for both you and your baby. Sing and talk to your baby regularly. It's important to bond because it keeps the baby happy and it creates a good relationship between you and the baby.

Appropriate toys for infants

To make sure a toy is a appropriate for an infant would be to make sure it is produced of durable materials, has rounded edges, is painted with non-toxic substances, is colorful, has cords 12 inches or less, has tightly constructed parts, and is age appropriate. 5 examples are foam puzzles, tracking games, blocks, music toy, and a jumper.

First foods for babies

First foods for babies

At Birth- Milk through breast feeding or formula.

2-4 weeks- orange juice or vitamin c supplements

4 weeks- Fluoridated water

3 months- cereal

3-4 months- mashed hard-cooked egg yolk

4 months- puréed fruits and vegetables

6 months- puréed meats

7 months- breads and pastas

1 year and older- strained and chopped adult food


What is SIDS? Sudden infant death syndrome- the sudden, unexplained death of an infant younger than one year of Jesus.

Ways to prevent SIDS:

Nothing covers babies head

ALWAYS place on back

Keep things out of a baby's area

Do not smoke around babies

Always sleep in crib

Crib safety:

Mattress should be firm

Make sure bars are spaced out

Lead free and non toxic paint used for cribs

Supervise infants at all time