Sarah-Jane van der Westhuizen

Trash Artist

Biography of Sarah-Jane

Sarah is a self-taught artist who did not learn her trade from an art school. She has lived in Monmouth since 1986. Her job used to be designing enamel boxes for Halcyon Days. Sarah is now a widow in her 60's. She is a mother of 5 and currently runs a bed and breakfast establishment. Her project "Pigasus" was the project to spark her sculptural career.

Medium of Choice

Sarah utilizes old car parts, recycled metal and most anything that she can find that would make her art look better. When she is done molding the trash together, she will usually spray paint her trash one metallic color so it will all match what she wants it to look like. She finds her materials through dumps that were going to be incinerated. Sarah also tended to make many mirrors as her recycled projects.

Examples of Sarah's Art

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