Gifted and Talented News

September 2015

Lenora Barnes

GT Coordinator

Office Phone: 936-276-2149

I am at a different location each day so the best way to contact me is by email or Bloomz.


Dear Parents and Students,

I am very excited to welcome you to Montgomery ISD’s gifted and talented program. The GT students at the elementary schools participate in a pullout program during part of their day, one day a week.

The GT pullout class is designed in alignment with the Texas State Goal for Gifted and Talented Services to facilitate the GT student’s ability to demonstrate skills in self-directed learning, thinking, research, and communication as evidenced by the development of innovative products and performances that reflect individuality and creativity and are advanced in relation to students of similar age, experience, or environment. The 21st Century skills of critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication will be a major focus of the program. These endeavors will facilitate the identification and development of each student’s special gifts and talents.

The link to my website link is You may also access my site from your campus website. Please check it periodically for information and updates. Also, click on the links below to sign up for important information notifications through Bloomz. Bloomz will be the primary tool that I utilize to share important information. I have also included information for another program we are using this year called Edmodo. Please take a few moments to look over the information and set up an account.

Please complete the Parent Contact Information by clicking the link below.

I am looking forward to getting to know each of you and working with you this year. Please feel free to contact me at any time and I will respond as soon as possible.

Have a wonderful week!


I’m really excited to tell you our class will be using an app called Bloomz to simplify how I communicate with you and keep you in the know of what your child is doing in GT class. Get ready to see:

* Daily updates on what your child is doing and learning

* Photos from the day or specific activities with a 1 click download option on your desktop

* Access to our class calendar including closures and special events with built in reminders

* Invitation requests to events/field trips

* Volunteer requests and ability to sign up right in the app

* Parent Teacher Conference signups

* And more…

Bloomz even has a messaging feature so you can instantly message me or another parent.

Imagine having access to all these in one place, right on your mobile devices or on the web!

How is Bloomz private? In Bloomz, teachers have control of who participates in class communications. Plus, parents only share the information they choose to share and who they want to share it with.

Click the link above to view the Bloomz website.

Here's How To Join Your Child's Class On Bloomz

1. Go to and click “Join Bloomz”.

2. In the text box, enter the invitation code for your child's class.

3. Create your account.

The Bloomz app may be downloaded on both Apple and Android devices.

Need help? Go to or Email Bloomz at

MRE Grades 1 & 2 Invitation Code EB3BH7

MRE Grades 3 & 4 Invitation Code 66UDKQ

LSE Grades 1 & 2 Invitation Code XVKY2H

LSE Grades 3 & 4 Invitation Code CCYJQJ

MES Grades 1 & 2 Invitation Code PNB5PH

MES Grades 3 & 4 Invitation Code SJ4EYX

SCE Grades 1 & 2 Invitation Code UU5SZ7

SCE Grades 3 & 4 Invitation Code 4BSNJJ

This school year, our GT class will be using Edmodo, a free and secure online learning platform where teachers and students can collaborate, share content, and use educational apps to supplement in-class learning. In this private learning environment that is managed by the teacher, students can only interact with others in the class. Edmodo provides a safe and easy way to support learning beyond the classroom, and help students develop important online skills.

To find out more about Edmodo and setting up a parent account click the Edmodo link above. The students will receive the group code to sign up for their student account next week. I will send home a permission slip for Edmodo next week also. If you give permission for your child to use Edmodo, please sign the permission slip and have your child return it to me the next class period.

Supply List

The students may bring the following supplies to be kept in the GT classroom or they may take their regular classroom supply box back and forth to class.

· 1 box of crayons

· 1 box of markers

· Glue stick or bottle glue

· Scissors

Please send these items to stay in the GT classroom.

· 1 regular composition book (No Spirals Please)

· 1 flash drive (4GB minimum) These will be used from year to year and will be kept in class unless needed to transfer documents to and from home.

Other supplies may be requested throughout the year for various projects.

GT Class Campus Schedule

Monday- Madeley Ranch Elementary

Tuesday – Lone Star Elementary

Wednesday – Montgomery Elementary

Thursday – Stewart Creek Elementary