Deborah Sampson Adult Hood-Life Now

By: Asia Shaffer

Early Life

Lady Deborah Moody Sampson was born Deborah Dunch in either London or Avebery,England, in 1586. On April 3, shortly after her birth, she was baptized in London.

She was a member of the upper class and was well educated. Dunch married Henry Moody on January 20,1606. Henry was knighted by King James 1 on March 18, 1606. Thereafter Deborah was known as Lady Deborah Moody. The couple had two children-Henry and Catherine.

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Adult Hood

Deborah Sampson continued to play proper, cultured, or virtuous women. She portrayed the governess Anna in the film "Adaptation Of Rodgers" and Hammerstein hit musical "the King And I" (1956).
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After a Childhood as an indentured servant, she worked at school as a teacher for a few years. The venturesome Sampson decided to enter the Continental Army to participate in the Revolutionary War. Assuming a mans identity she enlisted herself as Robert Shurtleff in the 4th Massachusetts regiment in 1782.
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Life now

Deborah Sampson born December 17, 1760 Plymouth Massachusetts. [U.S.]- died April 29, 1827. American revolutionary solider and one of the earliest female lectures in the country.
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