Mobile Payment

Visa Toke Service – A Simple And Secure Solution

Through Visa’s many innovations in making mobile payment consumers are able make digital payments, while at the same time protecting vital information from fraudsters. Visa provides the secure base for using one’s own mobile payment applications, or to gain access to third party digital applications , or be able to maintain the cards securely in a file. Visa Token Service is the one-stop that allows financial institutions, merchants and other valued partners to use its features . The use of Tokens in making digital Click here prevents the misuse of data, by making it non-available for fraudsters. It is available as a complete solution by itself, or as individual components which exist along with individual solutions.. Visa Token System comprises, in essential three parts. Service Enroll: One has to enroll and configure digital credit and debit cards in the token service. Tokens are then delivered to mobiles, and other internet connected devices. Lifecycle management such as deletion, suspension, resumption of the tokens in the network and in devices, Key management –Visa’s cloud -based payments Standards, and Metadata Management –To manage the data of customers The Visa Token Vault is a facility by Visa to store the tokens and its domain restrictions in a secure digital vault. The tokens are linked to cardholder’s PAN for processing.