My Life,My World

Its My Life and It is My World


step by step takes you deeper into the dark manor.Hi guys my names Paige Dunley and that was a line from Ravens Blood Manor a book i am writing so far so good i live in Peculiar Missouri with my mother,father and brother and i also have Tigress Shakespeare Poe Dunley my cat and Ava Gene Nicole Dunley my dog And of coarse three cannibalistic fish i used to have five but they ate each other. We are a happy little Crazy family yeah i said it my family is nuts! I'm eleven years old and i go to Bridle Ridge intermediate I am in sixth grade and might i add being in the sixth grade is awesome! You get way more freedom then any one except the teachers and other adults in the school! I love my chaotic life. i remmember the time i threw a dog bone at my older brothers head because he bullys me so i finally had enough he chased me into the bathroom and so i locked myself inside for about ten minutes before going back out ah good times huh? what matters most is that i got revenge!!! just kidding revenge is not a good thing it can come back and bite ya in the butt as my dad once said.and one more thing you know what i love,love,love that thing is KITTENS!!! the car i want a viper its a car.And of coarse i love,love,love Black Forest cake!Hmm i suppose we should move on to my fears huh? Okay then lets see i am afraid of drowning, a really REALLY mad cat andgoing into an elevater and then the cord snapping and falling then you keep repeating it over and over until you fall to your  death,nd failing school. And thats about it for fears and its near to the end of this autobiogrophy too! so Bye people.