Hello, from Mrs. B

Classroom Reminders

Field Trip Tomorrow

Tomorrow is our field trip to the IMAX theater. Due to the time we get back to school the students will need to pack a lunch. If for some reason you can not pack a lunch for your child please let me know by the end of the school day today and we will have the cafe make them a sack lunch. The charge for the sack lunch is the same price as a charge for a hot lunch. But again, please let me know before 2:00 today if you need this service. Also, due to our late lunch please make sure to pack a snack for your child. We will eat our snacks before heading out to the theater.

Museum Project

Virtual Museums are due tomorrow. To submit the museum for a grade it must be uploaded to Edmodo. All students were shown how to do this today. It is very simple. They simply click on "Post" then type "virtual museum" then click on the small square that looks like a paper. When you hover over it it will say "file". If you click it it will let you upload your museum file.

Any museums submitted by midnight on Friday will receive full credit.
Museums submitted by midnight on Monday (including any posted over the weekend) will lose 10% (90% is the best you can receive) that is still and A for all my procrastinators! :)

Midnight on Tuesday -20% (80% is the best grade you can receive)
Midnight on Wednesday -30%
Midnight on Thurs -40%
Midnight on Friday-50%
etc., etc,

Please contact me right away with any questions or concerns.

Laura Bouslog