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May 20, 2016

Thanks For The Efforts and Orders

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OSHA to "Nudge" Workplace Safety - Starts August 16, 2016

OSHA administrator Dr. David Michaels calls it a "nudge." Others might call it a Scarlet Letter. Either way, OSHA is putting the safety records of manufacturers and other businesses online as a way to call attention to both safe and unsafe workplaces. In a press release May 11, OSHA announced it would require employers in what it called "high-hazard industries" their injury and illness data for posting on the agency Website,

Check out all the details in the link provided below. A perfect lead in for you to educate your customers with BLAST Strategy.

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John Snell at Applied Handling, Inc. sends in a new found opportunity at a car dealership this week ! Bill Murphy at Arbon Midsouth goes after full time safety with Dok-Guardian and SHR-5000 trade in. Love to see it ! We continue to look for updated Aftermarket Product photos ( Barrier Systems, Fans, Rite-Flex Panels etc..) to add to the IPad, website and e-trunk and are always looking for your photos to share! Looking for High Resolution Photos with Before and After shots to help show our products at work! Please send any recent and relevant application photos to

Quote For The Week:

"The world is your oyster. It's up to you to find the pearls.” - Chris Gardner
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