African Kingdom Challenge

Caroline, Parker, Jessie Kate, Stevan, Meredith, J.C


Government & Military

Major leaders and accomplishments-

  • Ezana: Dealt with rebellions and defeated their rival Kush.
  • Loel: Created roads and temporarily freed slaves.
  • Mehadeys: Built a dam in present day Yemen and spread the border.
  • Type of government: Monarchy
  • Structure of government/ Empire management: One high King with several Kings to rule the other cities.

Structure of military-

  • Very strong military
  • king commanded them
  • military commanders could be king if the king died and had no one to take his place



Major resources-

  • timber, iron, crops, and teff.
  • They used the timber and iron to make tools, charcoal, weapons, etc.
  • Teff is a crop that is not found anywhere else. It is very healthy and requires very little water to grow.

Trade partners-

  • Alenxandria, Byzantium , and Southern Europe.


  • Decent because they were always trading and it was usually to their advantage but didn't receive money in any other way.

Division of social classes-

  • Kings and nobles
  • citizens
  • slaves



Cultural Customs

Languages spoken-

  • had its own written language Ge'ez


  • ate large flat bread called injera made from Teff (the country's staple grain)


  • wore Byzantine clothing