Temperate Deciduous Forest

By:Evan, Andrew, Matthew, and Jared

Flora and Plants

Flora is everywhere in the Deciduous Forest. Trees are distinguished by broad leaves that are lost annually and include such species as oak, hickory, beech, hemlock, maple, basswood, cottonwood, elm, willow, and spring-flowering herbs. Oaks have spirally arranged leaves, with lobed margins in many species; some have serrated leaves or entire leaves with smooth margins. Some abiotic factors are streams rocks, and the soil. It is food for squirrels, not for you cause it has cyanide. A danger in the forest is getting lost, so don’t get lost.

Animal Life

The animals here in the deciduous forest are truly fascinating. They survive on berries and if there is dead meat they will eat that. All the animals in the forest bigger than an ant are considered omnivores. The animals you might see there are animals such as skunks, ant eaters, birds, squirrels, rabbits. The most dangerous and scary are the bears. The most highly spotted bacteria is the E. Coli. The animals here are very calm and very beautiful. If you just listen it is very calming. Cooperation is found in many forms such as trees making acorns and the squirrels eating them to then plant them again. Fishes jump into the mouths of bear who eat them.


Temperate Deciduous Forests are located in eastern North America, Western Europe, Eastern China, Korea, and Australia, The Southern Tip Of South America, and all over Japan. Some major cities in the Temperate Deciduous Forest include New York, Hiroshima, and London. Landmarks include Big Ben, The Sydney Opera House, and Orlando Studios. Some activities are scuba along the coastline, hiking, and camping. This biome is generally very popular for tourists because of its size and location. The mountains, plains, and plateaus are also popular attractions. It Includes many swamps and trees.

Weather and Climate

  • Temperature varies from -30°C to 30°C (-22°F to 86°F)
    • Precipitation (75-150 cm) is distributed evenly throughout the year.
    • Soil is fertile, enriched with decaying litter.
    • Canopy is moderately dense and allows light to penetrate, resulting in well-developed and richly diversified under-story vegetation and stratification of animals.
    • The best time of the year to go to the Temperate Deciduous Forest is summer time because the kids are out of school and it has a lots of cool outdoor places to visit and have fun as a family. Also, you can enjoy the sights of Europe and Australia because they have numerous landmarks that are famous around the world. There is so much to do in the Temperate Deciduous Forest that will keep you busy the whole time you are here.


The Deciduous Forest is important because it provides oxygen and wood for furniture and tools. Coal Mines are also found in some areas of the forest. This biome is rich in resources and it has many valuable fresh water springs. Herbs and medicines can be found such as Penicillin and Hemlock. The animals are also able to be slaughtered for their meat and hide.


The threats to the forest are over harvesting of many valuable resources such as the wood and the minerals. Slaughtering of the animals will also make a dent in the food chain and danger the population of the animals.


The forest has many dangers. The plants are very dangerous such as hemlock and poisoned berries. Some of the animals can also be painful and dangerous. The geography is also treacherous being full huge cliffs and mountains. Natural disasters can happen a lot in the forest such as fires and tornadoes.

Endangered Species

Bears,Hawks, and Salamanders are endangered species in the Deciduous Forest. These species usually have poaching laws.


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