The Raft Novel Research

By: Cora Taylor

Before the crash

Before the crash, the first thing Robie did was get her nose pierced. She was nervous but she asked the guy who was piercing her nose to tell her something worse, he told her child birth was much worse. The next thing that happened was when her and her aunt, which who she was staying with in Honolulu, had to leave because of her job. Her aunt got one of her friends to watch Robie. Another thing that happened was when a guy grabbed her when Robie was walking home in the dark. That is the event that caused her to decide to leave and go on the plane.

In the ocean

When the plane crashed, the first thing that happened was when Robie was thrown out of the plane by Max, the co-pilot, she almost drowned. Max pulled her out of the ocean by the hair. Then he started calling for Larry, the pilot. They had no luck. They were stuck in the ocean on a raft. Then Max was sleeping a lot because he had a head injury. Robie was stuck by herself and she had to survive. The next thing that happened was when a airplane flew over them. Robie grabbed a flare from a bag and tried to light it, when that didn't work she tried a different flare, after that one didn't work she used another one, by then it was to late. Robie was dehydrated and then it finally rained and she got to drink water. She drank a lot so she wouldn't get thirsty later. Then there was a bird in the sky and she knew there were fish. The raft was hit by something on the bottom, Robie got scared because she didn't know what it was. She finally made fishing gear and caught a fish. She ate some and save the rest for Max, but she threw it out because she was tempted to eat it. Then she found a leak in the raft and had to throw tie Max and throw him over the raft. He floated away but came back and started telling Robie his life story. Then they finally reached the island.

On the Island/ End of the book

When they got to the island, Robie had passed out because of the coral reef that was there that made her wipe out. She woke up and her hair was tangled and her eye was closed shut. She saw some Laysan Albatross eggs and she found lighters. When she moved along the island, she saw a seal had been bit by a shark. She knew she had to do something, so she killed the seal to put it out of it's misery. Then she ran away and saw the mom seals baby seal and she started to cry because the seal was crying to it's dead mother. Then she went to find Max and the rest of the raft because the raft had split in two. She found the raft and Max and she made the raft into a tent. Then she went to look for supplies and she saw the baby seal again. She ended up naming the seal Starbuck. The next thing that happened was she found a bunch of lighters but the wouldn't light, so she dumped the lighter fluid into a pepsi can. She went down to the beach and noticed Starbuck was trapped in fishing line. She went to help and she got a rusted knife. She didn't help much because she killed Starbuck because she was made the line strangle Starbuck. Then she finally realized that Max was dead and that she kept him there so she wouldn't be alone. Then finally she was rescued by an NOAA ship. They were on a research trip and they just happened to be stopping at the island Robie was on. They rescued her and took her home safely.

Text to Self relation

I have never been in a plane crash, but I did feel some of the emotions Robie felt when my great-grandmother died. I was sad like Robie was and I felt bad because I knew I should have died not her. Robie felt bad because she knew Max would rather have had Larry on the raft and not her.It also relates to me because I went scuba diving and I was nervous because we were in a raft for a very long time.

Text to Text

A text relation that I relate this to is the Hunger Games. When Katniss left she was sad and missed her family like Robie did. Robie also mentioned something about a "silver parachute" that brought Katniss what she needed when she needed. Later in the book, Robie thinks of her carmex lip balm as her silver parachute because it helped her.There was a story in the news about plane crashing into mobile homes. The crash killed two people.

Text to World

A good example for this relation is the sinking of the USS Indianapolis in 1945. In the book Robie looks on a paper to tell her who was on the plane and her name wasn't there, no one knew that the USS Indianapolis was at sea because it was a secret mission just like no one knew Robie was at sea. It also is related because they both tell about people having to survive at sea for days just like Robie had to. And all the victims in the boat wreck were saved like Robie.The titanic might is another one because there were people stranded at sea..There was a story in the news about plane crashing into mobile homes.The crash killed two people.There was another plane crash in 2009 that crashed into the ocean. The flight number was 1549. The flight crashed in the Hudson River,New York.