a powerful tool to create sites using drag and drop feature.

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  • Create a classroom website & blog
  • Student e-portfolios
  • Manage your students' accounts (password protected)
  • Homework/assignments online
  • Create websites for assigned projects
  • Keep parents informed
  • All subject areas
  • All grade levels

Benefits of using Weebly in classroom

  • Weebly makes developing a classroom website easy, personalized and it's free!
  • Boosts communication between home and school
  • Enhance classroom learning e.g. links to the sites
  • Students can share their learning, access resources and connect with their teacher, peers and the world
  • Class/field trip pictures
  • Newsletters


Sign - up is free and no technical requirements. You just need to log in using your email and choose your setting as a teacher if you are also setting up for students.

As a Teacher (weebly)


As a Student


Student Accounts on Weebly

Strengths and Weakness


  • User friendly
  • Sign up for 40 student in free account
  • Site could be edited any time after you Publish it.
  • You can change theme in weebly after you started.
  • Parent Consent for students age below 13
  • Limited numbers of themes
  • Less customer support
  • Pay for own preferred Domain
  • Site goes down sometimes.

For Student created site

Try logging to see, How will students use it?

User Name, cars2424 and password 123456

Assignment for My Students (colleagues)


Select a famous structure (building / bridge) and describe when was it built, what is it used for, where is it, why is this famous.

Project can be presented using Weebly

  1. Design your website (Sign-in to weebly using your user name/password)
  2. Make page or pages (e.g. Home, Blog, Maps, Special Information etc.)
  3. Include information, pictures, audio, videos, links to the sites
  4. Finally Publish

Tips: View Project Volcano