The Universe

Galaxies & Outside The Earth

The standards for this Study


-why Earth sustains life while other planets do not.



-space exploration and the understandings gained from them.

Galaxy Menu Directions


This is the SMORE menu for Galaxies!

You should submit part of the menu by Wed! The rest of the Menu is due By Friday!

The Discovery Must do is worth 100 pt!

There are 400 other possible points on the Menu for a total of 500 pt!

You should submit a total of 300 pt or 200 pt in addition to Discovery!

For the packet, game, and AIMS work, you do not have to complete ALL of it! You can do parts of each one!

MUST DO Exploring the Solar System Discovery Ed 100 pt

AIMS Solar System Packet


Complete the AIMS activity of your choice or do more than one!

Mrs. Lewis has different worksheets uploaded!


Everyone should download the planetary facts to study and use in any menu work, but you may choose from the other activities

Study Jams Google Vocab Assignment

30 pt Menu choice

Watch the video & complete the vocab maps for these words: universe, galaxy, solar system, star, planet, Bonus words: asteroid, comet, planetoid. Rank each of these parts in order from 1-4, 1 being the largest and 4 being the smallest.

30 pt, up to 45 pt if you do the bonus words

Milkway Article

20 pt Menu Choice for first article! 100 pt if you read both articles and compare

Please read the article! Annotate the BRACE map with notes about Causes and Effects within the article.

Bonus: Do a second brace map for 10 pt

Solar System Inquiry Project 50 pt

Solar System Inquiry Project

Choose one of the telescope or phenomenons about space to watch that you interested in!

Use the voki tool on my website or another character program to create a character or write a news report about your topic: You may also create a visual poster

Include the following: 50 pt

  1. What-What does this phenomenon have to do with space?

2. When did this event take place?

3. Why is this important to the development of space/planets?

4. Where? What part of the Solar System is this about? Be specific and tell how it relates to other parts

5. How? How did this occurs? Be specific with details.

Astronomy Packet Choices up to 130pt

Astronomy Packet

Click on the Pdf

You may choose different assignments in this packet for different point values.

Mrs. Lewis has the word search and crossword puzzle on paper!

You may transfer any of the questions you would like to presentations

Point values

Sun entry page or any other pages, do

as many as you would like 10 pt each

crossword-20 pt

word search 10 pt

Beyond the Solar System Game up to 100 pt

5 pt for each slide you complete

YOU MAY ALSO COMPLETE on smart board or in google with a partner/group!