Night of the Twisters

By,Ivy Ruckman

Problem and Solution

First problem in the book was it got windy at the beach. They had to go home. A tornado hit there house. At the end they built a new house. When they were driving to Kmart to go get reunited his mom and Ryan, a tornado struck. They went to a local jail and stayed in a women's cell. That lead to another problem, but Dan found them in a pick up truck.


they are in Grand, Island ,Nebraska .They were at the beach and it got windy and cold. So they headed home it was 5'oclock when they were at the beach. At Dan's house it was really windy it was 9'oclock when all of a sudden a tornado started! In the car going to the K-mart another tornado it started at 11'oclock. Officer Kelly change his mind and they stayed at the women's cell. It was cold but they said it was better than nothing.


First they started out at the beach. It was the first time they have been there that summer. It got really windy and they rode home on the bike. Next they went home and all of a sudden the T.V started flashing bold. A couple minutes later they found out what it ment. A tornado! When it was over Stacey came to help. She explained that her family was okay to her brother Arthur. They went off with Ryan to try to find Dan's and Ryan's parents . They found there mom. Mom and Ryan went off to K-mart while Dan, Arthur and Stacey went off to find Mrs. Smiley. When they found Mrs. Smiley,they went to K-mart to get reunited with there mom. They still are thinking the worst about there dad. They were riding in the police car with Officer Kelley. All of a sudden another tornado. Dan,Stacey and Arthur were clueless Dan repeatedly asking Officer Kelly "what is going on"? Officer Kelly said just get down. They listened. The twister just missed them. Officer Kelly said forget K-mart so they went to the jail. The one problem was Officer Kelly glasses shatter so Dan had to drive. Officer Kelly told him were to go. They arrived at the jail. One person in the jail was not to happy. about people coming. They stayed in a women's cell . The next day they started there adventure to K-mart. Dan got mad at all the traffic so he jump out of the car and found he found his way to K-mart but it was not a place for people any more. He was thinking why he got out of car and he was scolding himself. A couple minutes later he found his dad, mom, and Ryan in a blue pickup truck.