I was excited to start doing gymnastics, when I was two. I guess I started because my mom was in it, and she showed me picture of her  I wanted to be in it because it looked like fun. My mom was extremly excited to put me in gymnastics, and so was my moms best friend (the coach).

proof- first few days

The first time I had gone on a beam I was so totally scared of it and kepted crying for my mom. My mom almost pulled me out because i was so scared. One day when i walked in my mind set was now of never

Two weeks ago

Since I had started I moved up so many levels. I am now on level 6, and going to level 7. I am now working on layout stepout and not scared as much as i was when i was two since i have a great coach.


Now I am going to a differant gymnastics, it is much bigger, more competitive, and funner.I think I am a lot more serious about gymnastics now then i was two.

High school

 I just can't wait till High school,so I can compet in high school, and meet a lot of girls that can do the same skills as me. Because i have not meet a lot of girls thata can do the same skills as me.