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A Special Edition of Magnet News for Hybrid Students

A guide as we return to campus

Hi Magnet Family!

This special edition of Magnet News was created so that all students returning on Hybrid have key information together in one place. Please review it carefully and send any questions you still have to me at It is important that everyone is informed and understands our new procedures as we return to campus safely.

The video directly below is a narrated version of this newsletter highlighting key information.

Thanks for your continued support!

Mrs. Baskett

Magnet Hybrid Student Information

Classes begin at 8:05am on February 22nd as the Hybrid/Virtual Class Schedule Starts

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Follow the RCPS Dress Code

After so many months of virtual school, we recognize that it will be an adjustment for students returning to school. Please be reminded that students are expected to follow the RCPS dress code, accessible at this district link, at all times on campus.

Order your school lunch by Sunday evening each week

Hybrid students should use this Lunch choices form to select their lunch choice for the following week for each day they have a 3rd block class at Magnet. The lunch form includes the menu of options available to students each day. No response will result in a Hot Lunch being ordered for you.

What will lunch look like if I have 3rd block at Magnet? Lunches will be delivered to our campus daily. Students will have their lunch delivered to their classroom or pick up via a socially distance grab-n-go station. Students will then have a 25 minute time period for lunch within third block.

What will lunch look like if I have 3rd block at RCHS? You will follow your RCHS teacher's instructions for lunch which will include visiting a grab-n-go station for lunch. You do not need to order your items in advance if you are in a 3rd block class at RCHS.

What if I want to bring my lunch? Students who bring their lunch from home should plan to pack a lunch that can be eaten cold. Microwaves will not be provided for students due to the opportunity for cross-contamination with a high touch device.

Important Note: The USDA changed their guidelines through May 2021 so that all children under age 18 in Rockdale County are able to eat school lunch for free.

Personal Health & Safety

Personal Health

-Parents must monitor the health of their children and keep sick children at home. This includes checking your student’s temperature and monitoring for other possible symptoms of COVID-19 daily.

-Staff must monitor their own health and stay home when sick.

-For description of COVID-19 symptoms, visit

-Students and staff who test positive for COVID-19 (symptomatic or asymptomatic) must remain at home for the length of time recommended by the Public Health Department. Please contact our school’s primary contact tracer, Mrs. Amanda Baskett, should you test positive or show symptoms.

-Clinic Aides will be trained to identify the symptoms of COVID-19 and will immediately isolate students with these symptoms. Parents will be required to pick up sick children immediately from school. In the event a parent cannot be reached, the emergency contact for the student will be called.

-Reliable COVID-19 information and resources can be found on the following websites: and

-Parents, students, staff, and visitors shall not enter any RCPS building with symptoms of COVID-19, having been exposed to COVID-19, or having tested positive for COVID-19 without the appropriate isolation period.

Additional information is available in the RCPS Return to Campus Guidebook at

Additional Safety Information

Wearing masks, frequent hand washing, and social distance are 3 key mitigation measures to keep our Magnet Family safe. Remember, Magnet keeps Magnet safe! Let's support one another as we learn these new routines for safety.


-Masks are required for all staff and students.

-Two warnings for mask violations will result in a virtual learning placement.

-Masks include non-medical and medical grade disposable face masks and cloth face coverings (over the nose and mouth).

-Masks shall be worn in the classroom and all common areas such as hallways, restrooms, and buses. Lunch is the only approved time when masks can be removed while a student is eating.

-Full face shields are optional but cannot be used in place of a mask.

-Students and staff will provide their own face coverings and face shields that adhere to the district’s dress code. If students arrive at school without a mask then one will be given to them.

Hand washing & Sanitizer Stations

-Sanitizer stations will be placed throughout the building to encourage students to sanitize their hands upon entry.

-Hand sanitizing and proper hand hygiene will be discussed on a regular basis via morning announcements and classroom activities.

-Signage will be posted throughout the building to remind students and staff of proper hand hygiene.

Supplies and Technology

-Students should use their own school supplies.

-Students should not share laptops with other students.

-If a student forgets their laptop for the day, their teacher will call Mr. Sparkman at Magnet who will issue a loaner device.

-Students should not share electronic devices and other personal belongings.

Free COVID-19 Testing

We are excited to share that RCPS offering free COVID-19 testing for students and their parents over the next several weeks. While this is open to all students, we especially want our students who are returning to campus on a hybrid schedule and our student athletes to take advantage of this opportunity. We do ask that you pre-register a day in advance by going to and selecting Quick Registration, then Return to School RCPS as the location. This site will make you choose an appointment time, however, we are testing on a first come-first served basis from 2-6 pm at Salem High School on Monday and Tuesday and from 2-6 pm at Heritage High School on Wednesday and Thursday this week. The appointment times on the pre-registration site will not be followed. For all the details including the full schedule of dates, times and locations, please visit our website at or .

Register for Kids Doc on Wheels & Free Feminine Hygiene Products

For our female students, RCPS received grant money for feminine hygiene products to give away to our female students who need them. They are discreetly packaged and can be picked up at the lunch bus by simply asking for a “girls bag”.

Parents, please remember to enroll in Kids Doc on Wheels through the Infinite Campus Parent Portal. In the Parent Portal you select TODAY on the left side bar, then under Documents Need Attention you will see the enrollment form. By enrolling now, you will be able to access telehealth and on-site services when you need them.

Social & Emotional Learning Support Links for Families

Meeting with your Counselors

During hybrid, our counselors will be meeting with students virtually for advisement and non-emergency appointments.

If a student has an emergency and needs to speak with a counselor during a hybrid school day then students should notify their teacher that they need a pass to the front office. Our front office clerk, Mrs. Waltower will direct students in how to complete a color coded counseling request form. Counselors and students will use the College Room to allow for social distance during any in-person appointments.

More resources are available in Mrs. Cobb's virtual office by clicking here.

Request an appointment with Mrs. Cobb by clicking here.

Request an appointment with Mrs. Lewin by clicking here.

Students and families should also be aware of the following resources available to them:

Georgia Crisis and Access Line (GCAL) 1-800-715-4225

Child Abuse Hotline 1-855-422-4453 – Text HOME to 741741 free, 24/7

Key Information for 9th Graders

All Hybrid 9th grade students will take PSAT 8/9 next week

The PSAT 8/9 is the first test of SAT assessments. This test focuses on what students have already been learning throughout school. It sets a readiness baseline, allowing students and teachers to pinpoint areas of focused practice as students progress through high school. On Tuesday, February 23, 2021, and Wednesday, February 24, 2021, all Face to Face (HYBRID) ninth grade students will take the PSAT 8/9.

More information available about the PSAT 8/9 is on the RCHS website linked here.

Finding your Classes - we will help you!

We understand that you know your schedule of classes from virtual learning, however finding their physical locations will be new to you in hybrid! Please know that we will have staff posted at each entrance door to help you get to the right class and that your teachers will guide you throughout the day as you prepare to move to your new location.

Square Building Teachers: Wisnewski, Ullo, McCammon, Bolen, Sommer

*This is the smaller building that is in the back between RCHS and Magnet.

Math Hall Teachers: Simmons, Matthews, Garner

*You go to your left after entering the Magnet Front Entrance and take the short steps up to Math Hall.

Main Hall Teachers: Clark, Powell, Kinsey, Jones, Seagraves, Kennen, Robinson, Huebsch

*Many Magnet classrooms are located along one main hallway that you access by turning right from the Magnet Front Entrance.

Engineering Hall Teacher: Williams

*Mrs. Williams classroom is located on the addition to the left of the water fountains when you get to the end of main hall.

Open House Videos

We know that 9th graders who are on hybrid schedules will be on campus taking classes for the first time next week. We wanted to share our Open House videos again as the information may be more relevant now than ever.

9th grade Open House Final
Magnet Student Expectations
Welcome from Student Leaders

Tutoring Opportunities

Free Online Tutorials

Students can visit to see the schedule and click to join free tutorials for Math, Science, and Foreign Language classes! Students can join at anytime as there is NO preregistration required.

Reminders: Attendance, Tech Help, Late Work & PBIS

Attendance and participation are expected for all live sessions and any meetings assigned by your teachers. Students who are selected Hybrid are expected to attend in person on their assigned days. Please use this attendance link to submit excused absences for Hybrid or Virtual students. This is also the form you will continue to use to change an absence that was due to technical difficulties.

Please use this tech support link to request an appointment for technical support with your laptop hardware.

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PBIS School Wide Rules with RCHS

Be Respectful

Be Responsible

Be On time

Be Ready to Learn

Rockdale Magnet School Mission

The mission of RMSST, a specialized research-focused learning community, is to foster and produce students who think ethically, critically, and independently while excelling in competitive academic environments and demonstrating high standards and expectations.