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October 2019

Second quarter of 19-20 starts here!

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What Is Teacher Induction?

Induction is the process by which a teacher earns eligibility for recommendation to the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) for issue of a Clear Teaching Credential. A teacher must earn a Clear credential within five years of activating her/his Preliminary credential. The SUHSD currently provides access to a 24-month, CTC-approved Induction program at no cost to approximately 120 eligible teachers.

Teacher Induction is Aligned with Sweetwater's Essential Elements of Effective First Instruction

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Primary Goal of Teacher Induction: Ensure Effective First Instruction for Each Student on a Daily Basis

Below is Teacher Induction's Working Definition of Effective First Instruction

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SUHSD Teacher Induction Completes Site Visit for Accreditation

Three representatives of the Commission on Teacher Credentialing visited the SUHSD October 27-30 to validate documentation of alignment between program activities/expectations and Common/Program Standards

Nearly 90 people contributed to a successful site visit!

See scheduled interviews and participants below.
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CTC Survey of Program Completers Inducates Satisfaction with SUHSD Teacher Induction

See excerpted data from this anonymous survey, administered by the CTC to all Induction program completers in CA.

The charts below reflect candidate responses of "helpful" or "very helpful" to the question, "How helpful was your Mentor in helping you to impact students in learning regarding the following:"

See candidate responses to all CTC completer survey questions linked below.

Second Semester Professional Development Engages Mentors and Coaches

SUHSD Teacher Residency "Getting to know the SUHSD" Field Trip orients pre-service teachers to our district!

Induction Mentors Aly Martinez and Mimi Williams organized a day-long exploration of the SUHSD that included stops at various schools and presentations by department representatives. Awesome!

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Upcoming Induction Program Events

Upcoming Program Deadlines for Induction Mentors and Candidates


due November 8

  • Oct Contact Logs
  • Oct Admin Notes
  • October Focused Observation Guide


All quarterly Canvas assignments are due no later than December 13, 2019. Please observe weekly deadlines for specific assignments in order to take full advantage of mentor feedback!

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