Stephen F Austin The Empresario

Erica Cooke

Stephen F Austin's Childhood

    Stephen F. Austin was born in the mining regions in Virginia. He was the second child of Moses Austin. On June 8, 1798, when he was four years old, his family moved 40 miles west of the Mississippi River to the lead-mining region in present-day Potosi, Missouri. His father Moses Austin received a grant from the Spanish government for the mining site of Mine à Breton. When he was eleven years old, his family sent him to be educated at Bacon Academy and then at Transylvania University, Where he graduated in 1810. After graduating, Austin began studying to be a lawyer.

Stephen F Austin Inherits The Empresario Grant

    Stephen and his family traveled to Spanish Texas where his father recieved an Empresario grant to bring 300 familys to Texas.However when they were returning home Stephen's father was Attacked. He became ill with Penumonia and died. Moses had left his Grant to his son Steven F Austin. Although Stephen was reluctent to carry on his fathers will he did it anyway.Stephen F Austin Succesfully Brought Three hundred familys to Texas with the grant.They became know as the "Old Three Hundred."

Stephen F Austin's Death

    In December 1836 Austin was in the new capital of Columbia where he caught a terrible cold; his condition worsened.Doctors were called to help Austin. However there was nothing they could do Austin had caught pneumonia.Pneumonia is a deadly infection you normally get it when you have too much water in your lungs,I know because I had it earlier this year. On December 1836 Austin died. He had achevied many goals in his life by carring out his fathers will. "The Father Of Texas Was No More."