Payton's Bucket List

April 10, 2014

Bungee Jumping in Hawaii

I want to go Bungee Jumping in Hawaii. As I am jumping off a cliff that had been eroded mechanically by wind, I'd see almost the whole entire island! And the mountain would be 5,000 feet tall!

skiing in Colorado

Skiing In Colorado

I want to go skiing in Colorado some day. As I'm making my way down a hill, I'll notice that the hill I'm going down will have jagged areas caused by glaciers. This would be mechanical weathering.

Surfing in Brazil

I never knew how to surf. In Brazil, I want to learn how to surf on the mighty, Brazilian waves. While I'm surfing, I'll notice wave erosion and sand being carried by the tides. Tides are caused by the moon. The weathering type would be physical.
Surfing Brazil | 15-20 foot waves with Paulo Moura (HD)

Snorkeling in Puerto Rico

I've always wanted to go snorkeling! But I have just never gotten the chance, my mom has been snorkeling in St. Thomas before and she said it was really fun. When I go for my first dive, I'll see wave erosion caused by water. The sediment would have been physically moved to the shore caused by tides.

camping in the Rocky Mountains

I've always thought camping would be fun! The only time I've ever really been camping was when I was 6 and in my back yard. As I would be spending my time in the Rockies, I'd see jagged mountains caused by wind, water, and sand. mechanical would be the type of weathering that would cause such a beautiful sight.