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Undeleting Emails - 5/30/13

Help! I deleted an email! How do I undelete it? We have all be there a time or two.

Undeleting messages in CLC was a multi-step process. It's simplified somewhat with Outlook. Read on to learn how to undelete emails and bring them BACK to your Inbox.

So let's start with a message in my Inbox.
I'm going to delete it on purpose. Poof it is gone!

Now where did it go?

All messages that you delete go into the Deleted Items Folder. Click Deleted Items to look at what you have deleted recently.

NOTE: The Deleted Items folder usually keeps emails for about 3 days before deleting them automatically from your account permanently.
So now to Undelete the message you can do one of two things.

Option 1
Drag the email and drop it back in your Inbox (easiest)
Option 2
Select the message by clicking the icon to the left of the Senders Name so that it is checked off and then click Move. The drop down menu that appears will show your Inbox and any other folders you have created. Click the location where you want to move that message. (most accurate)

Emptying Deleted Items Manually

Your Deleted Items folder does impact your space available. So you may want to manually empty the folder from time to time if you are running out of room in your account. Remember that once you delete them from Deleted Items they are gone for good. So it's always a good idea to scroll through and double check first.

To manually delete items, click Deleted Items on the left side. Then click Empty above your deleted messages. Finally click YES in the dialogue box that appears. Your messages that you have deleted are gone permanently.