By: Zoe Medlin


  • Vaccinations save children's lives
  • Everyone who got measles this year where not vaccinated
  • Vaccinations help prevent the dieses from showing up in their bodies
  • Children who are vaccinated usually have better health
  • If a child has a chance for HIV then vaccinating early can stop it
  • vaccinations are usually very helpful to a persons body


  • Fatal Heath issues
  • Harmful ingredients
  • Vaccinations are unnatural

Brief Summary

Some people choose to not vaccinate their children do to personal preferences. Some say that is a horrible thought while others disagree. The topic is very undecided but most people believe children should be vaccinated even if the parents choose not to. What do you believe?

My thoughts

I believe that children should be vaccinated because they have a risk of becoming very sick or in the worst case dyeing. This of course is a personal preference but people should take their child's life in to the thought when thinking about vaccinations.