Welcome to Botswana

period 6 - Angeli S.


Botswana is twice as big as Arizona, and it shares a border with Namibia, Zimbabwe and South Africa. Most of the country is occupied by desert, with the Kalahari in the western part of of it. Climate in Botswana is indistinct. Rain generally starts in November and and in about April, but they don't get very much of it. Temperatures start to drop in about may, this is considered the first month of the dry, cool winter, clear sunny days and cold nights. Natural resources are Diamonds, copper, nickel, salt , soda ash, coal, iron ore and silver. The capital is Gaborone.The Okavango River Basin is a river which rises from the headwaters of the Cuito and Cubango in Angola, flowing through Namibia and entering Botswana at Mohembo to form the Okavango Delta.



National Anthem Of Botswana

"Fatshe leno la rona" (Blessed Be This Noble Land)
Hymne national du Botswana

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