Cake Bake & Roll

SWOT Analysis

Problem Statement

Our bakery must update our website, take greater advantage of social media, and offer promotions, discounts, and specials in order to operate successfully and stand out amongst our competition.


  • Located in Long Branch NJ at Pier Village, the go-to shopping and dining destination for people of all ages
  • Affordable prices
  • Offers both indoor and outdoor dining
  • Bright color scheme and unique style of decorating create a fun atmosphere - Cake Bake and Roll will bring out the "little munchkin" in you!
  • Diverse menu - dessert and bistro items are offered throughout the entire day
  • European Coffee Bar provides customers with a variety of coffee, tea, and cold drinks
  • Our European ice cream machine separates us from the competition
  • Offers party services, specialty cakes, and cupcakes - host your next event with us!



  • Offer food and drink specials, and update them on the website daily
  • Hold contests, both in-store and online, to attract customers
  • Promote the company via all social media outlets possible
  • Use European Coffee Bar and European ice cream machine to make the company stand out amongst competition
  • Offer discounts, promotions, etc.
  • Team up with other Pier Village businesses


  • Competing bakeries promote their products better
  • Competing bakeries offer cheaper prices
  • Competing bakeries have stronger websites
  • Another bakery opens in Pier Village


  1. IT Professional and/or Social Media Expert- This person would be able to help Cake Bake & Roll by updating and ultimately improving their website. In addition, this person would use social media to promote the company more efficiently and to a greater amount of people.
  2. Parents- It is important for Cake Bake & Roll to promote their business not only to a young crowd, but also to parents who may be interested in hosting their child's birthday party, first communion, etc. at their company. Hosting events is a great way for Cake Bake & Roll to earn a profit and to make their name known.
  3. MU Students- Since Cake Bake & Roll is located so close to Monmouth University, gaining a student clientele would be profitable to the company and a great way to "spread the word" about their business.