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Judson High School LOTE Department Vision

When one walks into a highly effective language classroom, one will see clear expectations and students engaged in relevant target language skills and activities.

Our classes

Spanish I

Spanish 1: During the first six weeks, students will introduce themselves to others, discuss their likes and dislikes, describe themselves, and communicate about their school day and classes.

Spanish II

Spanish 2 - Unit 1 Objective: Students will be able to describe themselves and their daily school life.

Spanish III

Para Empezar: Tu vida diaria. Talk about school and non-school daily activities. Describe your day before and after school.

Dias especiales: Talk about weekend activities. Describe special events and celebrations.

Chapter 1: Dias inolvidables. Describe a visit to a national park, talk about school competitions regarding that outcome of an event, narrate an event in the past, and understand cultural perspectives on family outing.

Spanish IV & V AP

The Spanish Speakers classes will explore the significance of oral tradition as a literary genre. Students will enhance their appreciation for the language, literature and culture by analyzing a variety of readings.

The Spanish IV IB class will focus on how linguistic diversity, from a local to a global perspective, has and continues to influence social relations. Students will analyze the linguistic evolution, the cultural diversity and the historical importance of the Spanish language.

The Spanish IV AP class will explore education from a global perspective. Students will compare and contrast education systems and the educational challenges faced by many from around the world.

The Spanish V AP/IB students will center on 1) how medieval literature reveals the cultural practices and perspectives of the people that inhabited the Iberian Peninsula and 2) how cultural perspectives influenced the representation of historical events and the encounters between indigenous Americans and Europeans.

French II,III & IV


German I-4

Students ..

American Sign Language II & III


These are our teachers!

Mrs. Patricia Evans

LOTE Chair Department

1st Period: Conference
2d: Spanish IV IB
3rd: Spanish IV AP, Spanish V IB
4th: Department Chair Conference
5th: Spanish for Native Speakers
6th: Spanish for Native Speakers; Spanish IV IB
7th: Spanish IV AP; Spanish IV IB

Tutoring: Tuesday/ Thursday 4:20-5:15 in P225 and by appointment.

Mrs. Nancy Rich

I teach American Sign Language II, 2nd and 3rd periods & American Sign Language III

Portable 7

Tutoring schedule Tuesday and Thursday 4:15 - 5:15 and by appointment (no alternative teacher)

I am the ASL Club sponsor, meets Wednesday, 4:15, Portable 6

Mrs. Cala Elizabeth

I teach German 1-4.

Period 1 - conference

Period 2 - German 1 in G137

Period 3 - German 1 in G236

Period 4 - German 2 in G236

Period 5 - German 3/4 in G225

Period 6 - German 1 in G138

Period 7 - German 2 in G137

Tutoring is regularly scheduled Tuesday/Thursday am/pm 7:45-8:25am, 4:30-5:00pm, in G137 or 138. Other times are available by appointment. There is no alternative teacher. :(

I sponsor German club, which will have its' first meeting Tuesday, September 9, after school in the cafeteria until about 5:30. We'll be meeting every other Tuesday. This year we'll be taking a field trip to Wurstfest in New Braunfels, making Gingerbread houses, maybe going to the McNay, and having a speaker coming in to tell about the German history in this part of Texas, among other activities.

Ms. Jessica Glover

I teach French II, III, IV

1st Period: French 4 IB, Portable 7

2nd Period: Conference

3rd Period: French 2: Portable 1

4th Period: French 2 Portable 5

5th Period: French 2 Portable 4

6th Period: French 3 ; French 3 Pre AP; French 4 IB Portable 7

7th Period: French 2 Pre AP Portable 7

Tutoring: Tuesday and Thursday 4:15 pm- 5:15pm Portable 7

I sponsor French club.

The French Club will meet every other Wednesday after school in portable 7 (subject to change pending members’ schedules); the International Trip Club will meet the first Wednesday each month at 8am in portable 7.

French Objective: to enhance students’ skills in French with regards to reading, writing, listening, and speaking while exposing them to Francophone culture, thereby making them better aware of world diversity and of their own place in an increasingly global society.

Ms. Martha Ortega

I teach Spanish I and II:

1st period: Spanish 2 P230
2nd period: Spanish 2 Pre-AP P230
3rd period: Spanish 2 P230
4th period: Spanish 1 P230
5th period: Conference
6th period: Spanish 1 P230
7th period: Spanish 1 P230

Spanish Club / Meeting Days TBA / Projected Activities TBA

I lead Spanish II teachers.

Join Spanish Club!

1st Meeting: Thursday, September 11th

Señora Ortega's Room - P230

4:20-4:50 pm

Learn about the culture and traditions

You do not have to speak Spanish!

You do not have to be in a Spanish class!

Nos vemos!!!

Mrs. Maria Isabel Duarte

I teach Spanish III B Room 150

1st Period: Spanish III Room 150

2nd Period: Spanish III Pre AP Room 150

3rd Period: Spanish III Pre AP Room 150

4th Period: Spanish III Room 150

5th Period: Spanish III Room 150

6the Period: Spanish III Room 150

7th Period: Conference

Tutoring: Thursdays 7:45-8:25 am & 420-5:20 pm Room 150

I lead Spanish III Teachers

Ms. Gabrielle Foster

I teach Spanish II and III

Room P119

I am the Hispanic Heritage Event Coordinator

Tutoring after school,Tuesdays and Thursdays in G119

Mr. Jaob Cano

I teach Spanish II in the following classrooms:

Period 1: P231
Period 2: H134
Period 3: Conference
Period 4: P225
Period 5: G221
Period 6: F203
Period 7: F203

My tutoring time:

Tuesday and Thursday 4:15-5:15 PM

Ms. Melissa McCarty

I teach Spanish I and II

2nd period: Spanish 1: P231
3rd period: Spanish 1: P231
4th period: Spanish 1: P231
5th period: Spanish 2: P231
6th period: Spanish 2: P231
7th period: Spanish 2: P231

Tutoring time:

Tuesdays & Thursdays 4:15-5:15; Other times by appointment

I Lead Spanish I Teachers

Ms. Ana Rosas

I teach Spanish 1
1st Period: Gym
2nd Period: P122
4th Period: P111
5th Period: P130
6th Period: P123
7th Period: Gym

MR. Aaron Guajardo

I teach Spanish I and II:

Spanish I & II in H235

Tutoring times: Tues. & Thurs. in H235

Co-sponsor of Spanish Club & Co-sponsor of Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration

Ms. Martha Ortega

I teach Spanish I and II:

1st period: Spanish 2 P230
2nd period: Spanish 2 Pre-AP P230
3rd period: Spanish 2 P230
4th period: Spanish 1 P230
5th period: Conference
6th period: Spanish 1 P230
7th period: Spanish 1 P230

I Sponsor the Spanish Club / Meeting Days TBA / Projected Activities TBA

Mrs. Luz Antolinez-Basto

I teach Spanish I, II and IV IB

1st Period: Spanish II G 232.

2nd Period: Conference

3rd Period: Spanish I G 232

4th Period: spanish II G 232

5th Period: Spanish IV IB G232

6th Period: Spanish I G 232

7th Period: Spanish I G232

Tutoring: Every day 7:30 -8:15 am and Tuesday and Thursday 4:20 -5:15 pm

LOTE Newsletter Editor

Juan Graciamaria

I teach Spanish II.

Mr. Mark Sauceda

I teach Spanish I