Dear Parents...

Students in my classroom ARE learning to write!

Give them just a few minutes. Please?

Please understand that my students are learning to write. Students are first figuring out their thought processes by orally speaking about it so although you see a completed writing assignment that seems to have a lot of mistakes, keep in mind that they are not finished yet :)

When will they begin correcting, editing, and revising?

Great question! Thanks for asking. Many of the students in my class are beginning to learn English. Keep in mind that your child had English skills and learned some of these same things but just at a younger age. I need students to work on their language skills, as well as their writing skills. Process writing allows me to do this but takes it into different steps.

What is Process Writing?

Process writing is exactly as it sounds. It takes students through a process in order to write well. They begin by writing prewriting and then writing a first draft. This is the product that you are seeing currently. After their first draft, they being to peer edit and teacher edit. Many of these edits come through conversations about the topic and writing itself. After edits have been made and revising and editing has been completed several times, students will begin to work on their final edits and then publishing their writing, which includes the corrections that you are now looking for.

There is a process in the chaos! Thank you for trusting me enough to ask :)