by lexi meinster


Guatemala is located in Central America. It is know as the land of forests. Guatemala has volcano's but isn't a very beachy place. Some of their natural resources are petroleum,rare wood ,and fish.


The weather is very very tropical, it is cooler in high lands and humid in lowlands. In Guatemala there is only 2 seasons which is summer and winter. Summer is the very dry season and winter is the very wet season. Winter is through May to October or November and summer is through November to April.


Way back when the Mayan Civilization was alive they had a great achievement. Which was to figure out how to grow corn, beans and squash. There Achievement impacted the world in a good way because without figuring out how to grow some very important crops, then what would we eat or who else would of figured it out?


In this country we have a democratic republic government. Democratic republic means a form of government embodying democratic principles and where monarch is not the head of state. Today, the president that Guatemala has is Alejandro Maldonado.


The money in Guatemala is called quetzal. To even make this money you have to have a job so, some major jobs are farming, and builders. Some of this country is very poor but some towns have it better than others. For instance, there houses are bigger and nicer and they also have more money. They also sell and make some food like coffee, sugar, petroleum, bananas, fruits and vegetables.
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Style of living

In Guatemala they have two types of major languages spoken and they are Spanish and English. They also have the same sports like football and soccer but there teams aren't very famous like others are. On an everyday basest they usually wear like jeans and a t-shirt with sneakers but only some woman in certain towns wear the traditional dress!
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