Pirate Weekly News

May 2-6

Dear Parents,

Part 1 of state testing is complete! I'm very proud of how hard everyone worked to do their very best. We still have to take the Science and Social Studies Pass Test and we will be finished.

Testing Tips:


● Encourage your child to do his/her best.

● Provide a quiet place for studying at home.

● Make sure your child attends school regularly.

● Make sure your child gets adequate sleep. A tired child is less

able to pay attention or handle the demands of testing.

● Give your child well‐balanced meals. Rest, exercise, and eating

well are important for test‐taking.


● Get upset because of a single test score. Test scores are not perfect measures of what your child can do.

● Place so much emphasis on your child’s test scores. Too much pressure can upset your child and influence test performance.

● Schedule appointments during testing week.

Our special area schedule has changed for the 4th nine weeks as follows:

Monday - Art, Tuesday -Music, Wednesday -PE, Thursday - Computer Lab, Friday -Media/ Guidance

Please remember to wear sneakers on Wednesdays for PE!

What we are learning this week


End of Year Review


Electricity: Components of a circuit, series and parallel circuits, conductors and insulators Quiz: Friday

Social Studies:

Westward Expansion: Manifest Destiny, US acquisitions, Louisiana Purchase Quiz: Wednesday

Language Arts:

Word Study

Reading: Guided Reading Groups, Shared reading: The Word Eater, Reading a text and using text evidence to answer questions. Reading Comprehension Passages

Fountas and Pinnel Reading Assesments

Writing: Writing text dependent responses.

Upcoming Events:

May 20 and May 30 Student Holiday No School

May 31 Field Day

June 1st and 2nd are half days 11:00

June 2 last day of school!

State Testing Dates:

April 26-28 (ELA 26th, 27th) (Math 28th)

May 11-27 testing window for Science and Social Studies (These tests will be taken in the computer lab)

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