Goddess of the Underworld

Background information

Persephone, or also known as Kore, is the queen of the underworld, she is also the goddess of spring growth. She is the daughter of Demeter, goddess of agriculture, and Zeus, the ruler of gods. Persephone is married to Hades, or also known as Pluto. The meaning of Persephone is "she who swallows light" it was given and is used by her husband Hades, but only used in context with Queen of the Underworld. The meaning of Kore, her original name given by her mother Demeter, simply means "the maiden"

Story of Persephone

One day Persephone went out walking, she had come upon a beautiful flower, which Zeus(her father) had caused to grow right where she would pass it. While Persephone was admiring the beauty of the flower, Hades arose out from the underworld and grabbed Persephone taking her with him back to the underworld which Hades had made her Queen of the Underworld. Demeter, Persephone's mother had searched for nine days in grief with the help from no one. Only did things change when Helios(sun god who sees all) told Demeter of what had happened to her poor daughter, Demeter than wandered the human world in anger and despair rejecting the gods. Demeter didn't even share her gift of fertility to the Earth; Therefore crops didn't grow. Zeus at that point had grown worrisome that people on Earth would perish, so he forced Hades to release Persephone back to her mother. But before Persephone could leave the underworld Hades had given her sacred pomegranate seeds to eat, after Persephone ate them she now had a bond with the underworld,which then forces her to have to spend one third of every year in the Land of the Dead and two thirds with her mother on Earth. Persephone's absence and presence from her mother created the seasons- when she is not with her mother, cold, bitter winter comes upon the Earth, once reunited with her mother, flowers bloom with joy.


Hi I'm Persephone, Goddess of spring growth and Queen of the Underworld. Married to the God of the underworld Hades.

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