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Term 3 Week 9 - 23rd September 2022


Kia ora e te whānau,

As we head into a long weekend with the public holiday on Monday, many of our students will be ready for a short break from school. This week saw the benchmark exams and the NCEA Reading, Writing and Numeracy pilots underway. Senior students who committed to their learning and attempted their external practice exams through the benchmarks, and came in to complete coursework through the support programme, have made the most of the opportunity offered to them to progress in their education. If your student was one of those - congratulate them on their mahi and their attitude towards their learning.

The NCEA pilots were attempted by groups of Year 9, 10 and 11 students who had the chance to test in advance the digital assessments which will be rolled out across the country in 2024. You will have seen in the media that there continues to be great concern for the literacy and numeracy levels of our young people and we are working both within Trident and across the schools as a Kahui Ako to give our students the best possible foundations in these key areas, so that when the co-requisites become compulsory nationally in 2024 our students are ready and confident. Huge thanks are owed to Gary Walters who undertook this logistical behemoth, leading a team of helpers who have had to upskill to supervise digital assessments - another example of the ever-changing and evolving expectations on our teaching staff.

Today our Year Twelve young leaders had a training day at the War Memorial Hall with Paul Barr, Amy Wildash and Jason Garner to develop the skills to be tuakana teina to our Year Nine students in 2023. This is a crucial role in the transition of intermediate students into the life of high school and our senior students take this seriously. They have learned about teamwork, team building and being positive role models when engaging with juniors - amongst many other skills; I look forward to seeing them at work with our new students in 2023.

Yesterday Alex Kim, Reuben Paraha and Alan Spence accompanied 19 students to the Itinerant Teachers of Music Festival at Bethlehem College. Rather than a competition this is an opportunity for schools to perform for each other in a relaxed and collegial way. Alex Kim, our TiC Music, has developed a student Rock Band, maintained the Jazz Band and has plans for a Choir next year. Currently students can access the Music department every day at lunchtime and interval to play instruments and compose. Another valuable addition to the Music department’s team of tutors has been Anthony Stevens who has been teaching the electric guitar - we are lucky to have staff who are both talented and committed to our students’ holistic education.

Next week we look forward to meeting whānau of Year 10, 11 and 12 for the Subject Selection Evening on Tuesday and then whānau from all year levels on Friday for whānau academic interviews. Students are starting their planning for 2023 and identifying the pathways they want to take in their learning. Please make the most of these events to explore the pathways and opportunities for your student.

Ngā mihi nui,

Adrienne Scott-Jones

B.A. (Hons), P.G.C.E


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  • Tuesday 27th September - Senior Subject Selection Information Evening
  • Wednesday 28th September - Animal Rescue Cupcake Day
  • Friday 30th September - Last day of Term 3 - Whānau Teacher Meetings
  • Monday 17th October - First day of Term 4



For those who are ready to enrol students and begin your journey at Trident High School we encourage you to book an Enrolment Interview as soon as possible via the following link:

Please use the following booking code: srrs9 to book your interview.

Interviews will take place from 15th September 3.15pm - 5.30pm Monday - Thursday; 9am - 3pm Friday.

Out-of-Zone Application Information

Enrolment at the school is governed by an enrolment scheme, details of which are available from the school office and here. Application for places must be submitted on the Trident High School application.

The Enrolment Scheme and associated Zone directed by the Ministry of Education continues for 2023. See enrolment scheme & boundary map. On the Application to Enrol form you must indicate whether it is an In-zone or Out-of-zone enrolment. If your son/daughter is residing with parents or primary caregivers or legal guardians in the Trident High School zone then he/she is eligible to attend Trident High School but will still have to go through the interview process before any enrolment is confirmed.

Out of zone applications to enrol close 6.00pm Thursday 27th October 2022. Please use the standard enrolment process.

Our BOT will conduct the ballot of out of zone students on Friday 28th October 2022. Parents will be notified of Out of Zone ballot acceptance in the second week of Term 4.

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We are proud to share our 2023 Prospectus with our Trident community and those who will be joining us in 2023.

Ngā Tapuwae can be translated as 'Our Journey', and that is what our 2023 prospectus is, a visual and written journey through Trident High School.

For all 2023 enrolment information please click on the link below to take you to our website:

At Trident we celebrate courage through our school motto Kia Manawa nui - being of big heart - or being courageous. We are proud to share our third... | By Trident High School News | Facebook


Our Year 9 Handbook is out now for perusal online and can be downloaded. Year 8 students will receive a copy with the Prospectus later this term. Click below to check it out.


Friday 23rd Sept - Parent Portal will open to make subject selections.

Tuesday 27th Sept - Pathway NCEA Senior Subject Information Evening year 10, 11 and 12 - students and whānau - NCEA information, Service Academy, Trades and Gateway Vocational pathways as well as subject information.

  • 5.30pm - 6pm - Year 10 students NCEA information presentation and then meet the subject teachers
  • 6.00pm - 7pm - all other students

Friday 30th Sept - Whānau Teacher Meetings - Year 9-12 meet with their Whānau Teacher to discuss 2023 subject selection and planning for completion of the year. Year 13 Whānau teachers will discuss next steps for course completion, exams and achievement.

Bookings are now open: CODE: xw74u

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Remember - GBI applications for 2023 are open now, Year 9's please pick up your application forms from the office.

GLENFERN GALLOP- New course record! 250m sea swim, 1.1km run. Girls - Keira 1st, Lilly 2nd and Payton 3rd. Boys - Oliver 1st, Xavier 2nd and Joshua 3rd, and in a new record time of 8:32. Everyone, including ex-Trident student, and now outdoor instructor Karl Scholtens (came in 4th), took part. Congrats to everyone for showing Kia Manawa Nui today!


Expeditions are my favourite part of GBI. Despite the annoying up-hill walk to the camp that always turns my legs to a painful mess, combined with my lack of sleep due to my bed being a puddle of mud and grass, and the walk back feeling years longer than the first. I always have the best time on expedition. As I am writing this, I have just come back from our 3rd expedition here at GBI, I am absolutely sucked dry of all energy, and I love it because I know it means I’ve worked hard and had fun.

We started the expedition by driving up to the entrance of a bush walk, in the car we all played a word song association game which Willy (my groups instructor) won every time. After about 30 minutes of a Disney sing along we finally got out of the van and onto the track which felt like the worst change ever. We survived for about a 1/2 hour with our upbeat talkative mood before the uphill walk set in. Suddenly all I could hear was mine and others heavy breath, sloppy steps and my legs screaming at me to take a break. Somehow Willy was doing well enough to hide around corners to jump scare us at every turn, he even climbed a tree just to give us the fright of our lives. After just over 2 1/2 hours of walking one of the boys in the group yelled at everyone to stop so he could look at the map which he used to figure out we were almost done with the track. We began to bush bash the rest of the way down, a solid 45 minutes of downhill bush bashing. I fell into trees, got stuck in vines, walked into 3 spider webs and saw a spectacular view of the very bay we would be staying at from the top of the mountain.

We go to our campsite to find that someone had built a little homestead with a whole solar power system set up which would have been great to charge the phones we don’t have because silly Mr Rowland wouldn’t let us bring them, well actually it was Sir Edmund Hillary that didn’t want students to have devices at camp. As much as I do miss my phone it’s one of the best things about GBI, no technology so everyone is forced to actually talk to each other. At the camp we set up our tents fast so we could play games in the bush. We played hunger games, tag, hide and seek, and my groups favourite game “try push Willy in the stream”. In the middle of our game fest, it started to absolutely bucket down with rain so we in turn made a little shelter with an old tarp, for the rest of the night we played random games of cards in between a never ending game of truth or dare.

The morning was kind of strange, we had already packed up our tents and had breakfast ready before our instructor was awake, we had to yell into his tent to get him up “WILLY BUM BUM BUM” is the chosen chant of group

GBI UPDATE Remember - GBI applications for 2023 are open now, Year 9's please pick up your application forms from the office. Expedition 3 -... | By Trident High School News | Facebook


Kia ora students and whānau , here at Trident we are very proud of our beautiful school and grounds. We are very fortunate to have such sprawling fields, and wide spaces for our students and community to enjoy.

Over recent months we have seen an increase in litter on the school grounds during the day and this has meant an increase in workload for our fabulous grounds team who do their best to make sure Trident looks its best every day.

In true TEAM TRIDENT style we must come together to help keep our school looking its best, a follow on from the amazing work of Malachi Gerrard who created the beautiful KAITIAKI O TE WHENUA mural which is pictured.

What next ?

  • We can start by not dropping litter in the first place. We ask all students put their rubbish in the bins provided around school. There are lots of them so please use them.
  • From Tuesday 27th September, at the start of Period 5 every day, for ten minutes, there will be a rotation of classes who will cover certain areas of the school by collecting litter. Your teachers will tell you when it is your turn to do litter pick up and explain what you need to do.
  • We will ask our Grounds Staff to score the tidiness of the school out of ten each day and this will be shared with students in the Whānau Ako lesson.

If we see a significant improvement in a reduction of litter due to students putting rubbish in bins, we will reward the WHOLE SCHOOL with a Non Uniform day to celebrate.

Thank you for all your support with this.

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On Wednesday, the 28th of September, we will celebrate our 12th Cupcake Day. Students and staff will bake cupcakes and we will sell them for $2. All the proceeds will be donated to the following BOP animal rescue groups: Opotiki Society for the Care of Animals, Harmony and Hope Animal Rescue (Whakatane), KTown Community Animal Welfare Society / KTown CAW (Kawerau) and All Paws Count Murupara Trust. The cupcakes will be sold during lunchtime, opposite the Wharenui but you can pay during interval to avoid disappointment, as the cupcakes usually sell out within 20 minutes. Thanks in advance to all the students and staff for baking the cupcakes.

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We would like to invite our current Year 10 -11 students studying Japanese and any current Year 9s considering studying Japanese in 2023 and to be part of our Japan Educational Tour in 2024.

This tour forms part of a wider exchange with our sister city Kamagaya in Japan. Students will experience a homestay in Kamagaya and then travel to top tourist spots such as Kyoto, Nara, Osaka and Hiroshima.

If you would like access to any information regarding the tour, please email Mrs Hilary Harison ( for a copy of the presentation and other details.


We would like to invite our current Year 9 and Year 10 students on an overseas tour to Europe in 2025. The tour is designed to meet the needs of Senior students who wish to explore the Art, History and Culture of Greece, Italy, Spain and France. If you would like more information, please email, Mr Barr or Ms Deeley for a copy of the presentation and tour details.

Kei te pirangi matou ki te powhiri i a matou tauira Tau 9 me te Tau 10 o naianei ki te haerenga ki tawahi ki Uropi i te tau 2025. I hangaia te haerenga ki te whakatutuki i nga hiahia o nga tauira Kaumatua e hiahia ana ki te tuhura i te Toi, History and Culture of Greece, Italy, Spain and Parani. Mena kei te pirangi koe ki etahi atu korero, ka tu he ahiahi korero a te Wenerei te 14 o Mahuru a te ono i te ahiahi i te whare pukapuka o te kura. Ki te kore e taea e koe te haere ki te hui, engari e ranei mo te kape o te whakaaturanga me nga korero haerenga.


Kia Ora Trident Whanau, after the huge demand shown for the Girls Football UK Tour in 2024, this is a final call for any whānau of girls who would like to join us on this prestigious Tour.

The Haerenga is open to female students who wish to travel to the UK, learn more about football and experience British culture. This will be a once in a lifetime trip !!

Who can come on the tour ? All female students who are currently in Year 9, 10 and 11 at Trident High School and any Year 8's starting next year.

Below is a video from Wellington Phoenix Ladies player, and friend of Trident Football, Te Reremoana Walker who has shared a little about her pathway into professional football and explains why a trip like the Girls UK Tour in 2024 would have been life changing for her.

To summarise, for those that attended the information evening, the final date for securing your daughters place by paying the deposit is Friday 30th September.

For those who missed the information evening, if you are keen for your daughter to be involved please contact me for more information at

Kia Manawa Nui

Mr Stanhope



Trident Sport and Music photos are now available to order. Order forms for Lazer Photos are available at the school office and are due back at school Friday 30th September.

Alternatively you can order online through via the following link:

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LOCATION: Te Aiōtanga

School Nurse: Monday - Friday 8:30am - 3:00pm

For all general health needs

Doctor: Dr Astrid de Jong

A doctor is available every Tuesday 9am - 11am


A physiotherapist is available Tuesday morning.

Appointments for these services can be made through the school nurse.

This is a free, confidential Health Service.


If any whānau have old school uniform you no longer require we would really appreciate it if you could donate it to the school. We lend uniform to students when required and we are very low at the moment. This can be dropped off to the front office. Thank you


Then and now! Over the past 49.5 years Trident has grown and grown and we find ourselves grateful for the expanse of land our school is situated on. Our unique school property size has enabled us to expand our buildings while still having plenty of space; space to grow, space to thrive!

Click link below to register your interest



Tertiary Education in 2023

Senior students are starting to make plans for study in 2023. Several universities have opened their scholarship applications, students should complete a form at the careers office to assist us in writing reference letters for scholarships.

Applications for university accommodation will open on the 1st August.

Students are encouraged to come to the careers hub for assistance with course selection and application processes.

Part time jobs, work experience, presentations.

Check out this facebook page for the latest careers opportunities and information.

Career Counselling and Support

Appointments are available with the careers staff. Students and whānau should contact Ms Wildash at or 0274995300 to arrange a time.

The Careers Hub is located next to the library and here you will find Ms Amy Wildash Careers Specialist, Ms Karen Benge and Ms Jeanette Pleitje, Mrs Cindy Lee, (Futures Academy) and Ms Tiffany Roia. Pop in and let us help plan your future.


Bank Account 12 3253 0004257 00

You may pay any sports or extra curricular fees directly to our bank account.

Please enter student name of student ID in the deposit details.

TRIDENT HIGH SCHOOL - Where memories are made and opportunities are endless!


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Open install the App on your phone. Enter: Trident High School.

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