Train your Brain

Jinny, Sumika

Measure your Sleep!

How long do you guys sleep daily?

Do you know it is important to sleep enough for your daily activity?

If you don't have enough sleep, you might feel sleepy, tired and inactive!

So here is a challenge! Why don't you try to sleep at least 10 hours everyday!

Count the days when you have 10 hours. If you have at least 5 times in 7 days you are in good range!

Plan your study!

Do you know if you study daily and repeatedly, your brain can process those information better?

Why don't you try to study a test at least 3 days before the exam?

Plan your study and try to repeat your materials!

After the taking test with this method, compare your new grades with old ones.

Did you improve? If you did good job! Your brain is getting smarter!

Healthy foods

Mission Success?

Did you try out all the experiments?

How did you do?

Do you feel more refresh and healthy?

If you did! Great job :)

Lets love our body and keep it healthy