Oval Office Floral Arrangement

By: Jason Noor

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2 Daisies

1 Rose

5 stalks of grass

1 Jar

16 fl. oz. of water

Floral preservatives

Oval Office Facts:

  • The Oval Office was made famous by the many nationwide television broadcasts that took place in it.
  • The Oval Office is where many foreign leaders meet with the president.
  • The Oval Office is where the Resolute Desk is located.
  • Every modern president is given the option to choose his own decor for the office.
  • President Taft is responsible for creating its unique shape.
  • The majority of flower arrangements in the Oval Office are placed either in the middle of the room or near the fireplace.
  • Eisenhower and Carter did not redecorate the office during their terms.

Short History of Oval Office

1929 - Original Oval Office is destroyed by a fire.

1933 - Franklin Roosevelt moves the Oval Office.

1934 - The new Oval Office is completed.