Team Bossilini

Raising funds for BOSSILINI and her battle with cancer

A community comes together to support funding ...

Kristen, aka Bossilini, has a team of champions behind her, an entire community! At a very young age to be battling Brain Cancer, we all feel her courage and strength. This fund started at her Hoedown event last Saturday night and will continue on ...

Did you pick up a Wish Bracelet?

They sold out within an hour! No worries....order here for $19. Grab one for a friend and fellow supporter to TEAM BOSSILINI! All PROCEEDS to Team Bossilini!!

Shop link until April 10:


Kristina Clecak, Associate Director with Stella & Dot

Ready for Happy Hour, Bossilini Baubles Part II?? Contact me and we will host a shopping blitz with some cocktails.
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Host a Wine Tasting Hour

Enjoy wine and cheese, let the ladies / gals shop away for TEAM BOSSILINI! Available dates: March 29, 30

April 9-16.

Let's DO this!!

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