How did Green Bay Succeed

Green Bay

Green Bay History

There Started back in August 11 1919 they train at there home field in Wisconsin.The name of the stadium is Lambeau field and there nick name is cheese heads look at the pics below.
There overall score is (8-4-0) for the season here are some of there highlight players. Arron Rodgers there quarterback threw 2270 yards and has 21 touchdowns for the season Randell Cobb has 5 touchdowns and 529 receiving yards for the season. there first couch won the super bowl with them his name is Vince Lombardi. to get more information go to

Fun facts for Green Bay

Green Bay got it name because there was algae in the water that was green.Also it was down at a bay and lastly it is in Wisconsin put it all together and it become Green Bay Wisconsin.