MRHS Shout-Outs

Volume 6, Issue 12

8 November 2019

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Ian Simpson and Tricia LaRue

Thanks for setting up the Art Departments access to social media last week. It will be really fun use this outlet to promote our program. We really appreciate your support!

Kim Colegrove

David Evans

Thank you, David Evans, for once again taking your own time to help me with a tech issue/project. I appreciate the help!!!

Danielle Johnson

Tricia LaRue

Thanks to Mrs. LaRue for taking the time to help my AP students write about Hamlet!

Jeff Johnson

We would like to give a big shout-out to Tricia LaRue for all the work she does to help us with our Advocacy Campaign Project in our health classes. Thank you for all your hard work putting this all together and for helping our students!! You Rock!!

Tracy Schreiber, Pam Gibble, and Dave Derby

(Thank you for letting me always work with your classes! It's a lot of fun! -Tricia)

Stacie Rhody

Shout out to Stacie Rhody for all of her hard work getting the Math 1 Tutor Center up and running and thinking outside the box to get students to show up. We see you working your tail off and we appreciate it!!

From the Math 1 Team

Helen Spiegel

Thanks for recruiting all of the veterans to attend on Wednesday. You have done an amazing job of building relationships with the veteran groups so they can share their experiences with our students.


Heather Schenck

Thanks for letting me jump in to your performance on Wednesday. Your kids were awesome and had nothing but nice things to say. Also, your flexibility in working with all of the events that are moving in and out of the auditorium is laudable. You rock!


Veterans Day Shout Outs

From Julie

Thank you Ian, Helen and Christine

For all your hard work to make such a powerful learning experience that honor our country's veterans. It was an amazing day.

Thank you Tom, Jay, and Tricia

For documenting our Veterans Day celebration. Your work capturing the students interacting with our veterans is so powerful.

Thank you Jared, BJay, Heather, Zach, Reshaun, & Tracy

For all your work in setting up and staging venues for to honor our veterans.

From Julie, Christine, Ian and Helen

Karen Polson

Thank you for helping to secure guest teachers and printing rosters for our Veterans day celebration. You helped to make the day such a success!

Office Staff

Thank you for greeting all of our Veterans and getting them checked in for our Veterans Day celebration!

Tricia and Tracy

Thank you for letting us take over the library for our celebration! The space was so warm and inviting and I heard many Veterans comment on what an incredible library we had.


Thank you for staying late Monday night to help us set up the auditorium. The use of the risers helped up to proudly display the fifty Veterans and their service animals safely on stage. The choirs also were a beautiful addition to the assembly as a whole and a tradition I think we should carry forward!

Geri Clark

Thanks for updating attendance for all of our Junior classes!

Zach Butte

Thank you for building and adjusting risers the night before the assembly. They were perfect and allowed for every Veteran to be seen from all angles of the auditorium.

Samantha Sutphin, Jen Reed, Taryn Destacio, Lyle Monzyk

Thanks for stepping in to cover a classroom of students while they interacted with our Veterans. We also appreciate your assistance in the thank you writing process that occurred at the end of the session. Most of our Vets were able to go home with personalized letters from our students.

Potestio, Boehm, S. Williams

Thanks for jumping in to supervise students for the assembly.

US History Teachers

Thank you for preparing our students for our Veterans Day celebration and being flexible with covering classes and moving rooms.

Chrissie Burg

Thank you for your help in finding student speakers and helping them perfect their speech for the Veterans day assembly. They nailed it! Thank you also for recruiting student ambassadors and helping organize them the morning of the event.

Taryn Destacio and Stacy Johnson

Thank you for helping junior class leadership secure food donations for the Veterans day breakfast. A special shout-out to Taryn who was willing to push a cart at 6am through the aisles of Kings Soopers!

Coach Yeager

Thanks for sacrificing some of your practice time to have the baseball boys set-up for the assembly. We definitely needed the strength of the team to move the risers on the stage.

Administration team

Thank you for giving up your parking spot for our event and also providing signage outside for our Veterans so they knew where to park. We also appreciate your time holding the front door open and personally greeting all of our Vets.

Jay Van Loenen

Thank you for taking pictures of the event!

Tom Norfolk

Thank you for answering all of our tech questions and filming the event!

And, if you're not on Social Media...

Veterans Day Parade

Finally, a thank you from a parent :)

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MRHS Shout-Outs

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