Hunger Games

Author-Suzanne Collins, Project by Alec Doan

Suzanne Collins

Suzanne Collins has written numerous books, three of them included in The "Hunger Games" series. She is an American born novelist. Some other books include the Gregor series. She attended the Alabama School of Fine Arts.

New The Hunger Games Trailer Official 2012 [HD] - Jennifer Lawrence
The video above is a trailer for the Hunger Games movie that came out last year. I personally watched the movie and found some parts were very similar to the book and some were not.


The main conflict of the book is Katniss in the Hunger Games and her family trying to go on without her. It is also the conflict between Katniss and her feelings towards the Capitol. The conflict really adds suspense to this book and keeps the reader wanting to read it.

My Thoughts

I loved this book personally. It had me on the edge of my seat for most of the book because of how fast paced it is. Very exciting book and one of the best series books I have ever read. Now, with all the fast parts, there are some slow parts to offset it, which makes it a lot better than it would be being just a very fast paced book.


Katniss is in the Hunger Games, her family needs her, 24 go in, only one comes out....


"I volunteer! I volunteer as tribute!" This was said by Katniss and almost signifies the beginning of her journey.


I would recommend this book to any reader who likes a twisting and turning exciting book. I really enjoyed this book and would give it 5 stars. This book is also a movie but I enjoyed the book lot more than the movie.

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