Morris Gleitzman


A boy named Felix lived in an orphanage on a mountain in 1942. Felix was a Jew. He wanted to find his parents who lived in the town. Felix had been at the orphanage for 3 years. He had to escape and go find his parents. So one day he escaped from his orphanage and went off to look for his parents. On his way to the city where he was going to find his parents he went through a village that had a lot of people lying dead on the ground. He found a family that was all laying on the ground. The parents were dead, but the girl was alive. He took the girl and carried her until night came then she found a place for her to rest.


I think the lesson of the story is that someone is in the orphanage can change other peoples lives. Felix did good deeds for his friends he meet along the way. He changed other peoples live and they changed his.

Historical Facts

The story Once takes place in 1942 during WW11. They have to hide from the Nazis, because the Nazis are trying to kill the Jews. I think they changed the story of WW11 to a young boys perspective so that it would be easier to understand.