Sabrina's Coaching Corner

Keeping Scott Teachers in the KNOW!

Happy 2nd Week of School!

Wow! What a great start to the school year! I am so thankful to be back at Scott and look forward to working with each and every one of you.

Please read through the district & campus news below. I will be sending these out each week to share updates from curriculum coordinators and notes about our campus. As always, please let me know if you have any questions or would like to meet. I'm here to support you!


ESTAR is the new screener for 2nd-4th that will be administered in the winter (no fall administration).

TEMI, math screener, administered only to kinder this fall (if needed, administer to specific 1st graders for SST purposes).

Engaging Mathematics for 5th grade is here! I received one copy from the district (other grade levels are still in production).



The purpose of Exemplars is to explicitly teach students how to use the process standards in math. The problem solving plan was created to guide the gradual release of responsibility to students. After you have finished the 5 week plan (12 weeks for Kinder) you have the flexibility to choose the problems and decide which focus each problem lends itself to best. At that point, you can choose problems from Exemplars, Lone STAAR, and/or the district provided problem solving. You can also choose how many processes to look at in each problem now that they have a solid foundation.

Nitty Gritty:

  • This counts as your daily problem solving
  • Sept. 14 - Grades K-5 start implementing Exemplars with a focus on the process of Problem Solving
  • The most current Exemplar information can be found on Forethought under Math: Cluster 1: Developing Mathematical Processes
  • You can choose Exemplars from the instructional task/formative assessment or summative assessment task
  • After the 5 week implementation plan, rubrics can be used informally or formally as a grade
  • On Day 5, you can choose a problem from Exemplars, Lone STAAR, or the district provided problem solving (provided for K-2) to be your formative assessment, if you don't want to create your own


Please check out the instructional videos below (also found in Forethought) to see a teacher teaching the Exemplars according to the 5 day plan. We can discuss what this will look like for your grade level during our scheduled time together this week or next week.

Developing the Mathematical Processes Day 1
Developing the Mathematical Processes Day 2
Developing the Mathematical Processes Days 3 4
Developing the Mathematical Processes Day 5


BOY DRA assessment window is 9/1-9/30. Please let me know if you have questions about assessments or if you'd like for me to model administering a DRA with one of your students.

Grammar Talks: Love seeing these in action! Please let me know if you have questions or want to talk through this more. The following curriculum documents are available in Forethought:

  • The Purpose of Grammar Talks
  • Overview of Grammar Talks and Sentence Stems
  • Student and Teacher Behaviors for Grammar Talks
  • Mentor Lessons (I gave you Week 1 last week)
  • Grammar Talks Videos

Please see the video below for a step by step guide on where to find these documents!

Grammar Talks: Overview of Curriculum Resources

Word Wall Updates

In the past, we have placed math word wall words under the horizontal word wall. We are now going to group them by concept instead of the linear format. You could use concept webs or anchor charts to do this. Within each math cluster on Eduphoria, click on "Content Vocabulary" for more information.

Departmentalized Grade Levels:

ELAR words will continue to be added to the word wall in the Math/Science teacher's room.


Science Store


  • The district will have training for teachers on STEMscopes updates and integration: Kinder-Second grade on Sept. 8th and Third-Fifth grade on Sept. 10th from 3:30-4:30.
  • The trainings are in eduphoria workshop and will serve as the Science Team Lead Meeting for the first semester. They have requested that the science team lead for each grade level attend the training.

Fifth Grade Outdoor Education Program Documents

  • The old camp forms have been updated, renamed and housed in the Resource Center under Outdoor Education Program. The Resource Center link is found on the bottom of the Staff Home page.

Collaboratives for 4th and 5th Grade Teachers of Science

  • FISD is excited to announce the continuation of the 5th grade collaborative and the addition of a 4th grade collaborative.
  • The Collaboratives will soon be listed in eduphoria workshop with full details of the course. The first dates are 5th grade 9/25 and 4th grade 9/29.

Professional Development

Check out the grade level specific PD calendar (blue polka dot) I put in your box for the dates.

Please remember each grade level should send one representative to each PD.

The C&I Department at admin will be paying for the subs. Login to AESOP and choose the ‘C&I Department” on the dropdown under absence reason. This will let payroll know to use their budget code.



Each grade level (1st-4th) will have 2 groups of LLI this year. Remember that LLI should take place before school.

Please determine 1 teacher to begin LLI on Monday, September 14th.

Another teacher should begin a 2nd LLI group by Tuesday, October 13th.

LLI training will be offered at Scott on Thursday, October 1st from 3:30-4:30. After training, the 2nd LLI teacher will have the option to observe their grade level LLI sessions for 1 week before starting the 2nd group.

Upcoming PDs:

Guided Reading: Thursday, September 17th (3:30-4:30) @ Scott

Strategy Groups: Thursday, September 24th (3:30-4:30) @ Norris

LLI: Thursday, October 1st (3:30-4:30) @ Scott

You will be able to register and earn credit for each of these courses! I will email you with the links to register once they are ready in Eduphoria.