Marine Biology

By: Emily King


In this presentation I will be talking about my career and what college. I will be discussing why I chose my career, what I need for my career, and some advantages & disadvantages.

What is your chosen career?/ Why did you choose this career?

  • I chose Marine Biology as my career
  • Marine biology is the study of organisms and other marine life in the ocean
  • Marine Biology combines swimming and science which are the two things I love to do which is why I chose this career.

Where are you planning to live?/ What does your career entail?

  • I plan to live in south Carolina considering the fact that there are many marine jibs in that area
  • A marine biologist studies and experiments on plants and other organisms that live in a saltwater environment.
  • The main focus of a marine biologist is to examine the production, reproduction, and health of a living animal.

What are some advantages and disadvantages?

  • The advantages of being a Marine Biologists are you get to travel
  • experience new places
  • go swimming/ scuba diving,
  • and you get to preserve living organisms in the oceans.
  • The disadvantages of being a Marine Biologist are the physical risks like drowning,
  • Harmful algae blooms
  • hurricanes or rough weather.

What is the schedule like for this career? What is the average salary?

  • Working in the office is a minimum of 8 hours a day
  • Working in the field is a maximum of 12-15 hours a day 7 days a week
  • Depending on the week marine biologists could be working on weekends
  • Average salary of $51,616 per year.


The college I am attending is Coastal Carolina University. This college is located in South Carolina and mainly focuses on Marine Science.

What are you majoring in?/ What degrees do you need?

  • Marine Science
  • Associate Degree
  • Bachelors Degree
  • Master’s Degree
  • Ph.D
  • In order to get in the college I need a standard 2.9-3.7 GPA

How many years will it take to earn these degrees?

  • Associates degree- 2 years
  • Masters Degree- 4 years
  • Ph.D and Bachelors- 4-8 years

Interesting Facts

  • 9,335 students are enrolled
  • Coastal Carolina was founded in 1954
  • South Carolina was founded in 1663

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