Attack Texas!

The Archives War Newsletter 1/29/16 By- Maya Joseph

Spring 1842.

Mexican officials were upset by the actions of the Lamar administration, so they began firing raids into Texas. In the spring of 1842, a Mexican army led by Rafael Vasquez emerged into Texas. Vasquez's 700 men attacked San Antonio, Goliad, Refugio, and Victoria. Soon Vasquez returned to Mexico.

Terror-Stricken Texans

Texans were frightened when they heard Mexican troops have invaded. Sam Houston was very concerned for the capital's safety. He arranged for the government to take all records be removed from the city of Austin. Many people believed that the capital would shift back to Houston. The people of Austin had a problem with where the records would be held.

Bring Out The Cannons!

Angelina Elberly gathered a group of people in a raging riot, they shot the officials using a cannon. The men were putting the records onto wagons. This brief conflict was called the Archives War, nevertheless the records ended up back in Austin Tx.

September 1842.

In September 1842, Mexico violated Texas once more. Led by General Adrian Woll, with one-thousand soldiers captured in San Antonio. A Texas citizen gave his input on the invasion. "We were the firing of a...cannon...succeeded [followed] immediately by the... tramp of a body of men. A dense fog obscured [hid] them from actually observation until they had advanced into the public square... when fog disappeared discovering [revealing] to us that we were surrounded on all sides by the bodies of regular [Mexican] troops." - Samuel Maverick. Hundreds of militia and Rangers from Texas went to San Antonio, and attacked Woll's Men at Salado Creek Making his troops retreat in the end.