Riverside January Team Meeting

Riverside County

January Agenda

  • Testing
  • EA
  • Withdrawals
  • Enrichment
  • Curriculum
  • Academic Decathalon
  • SPED
  • EL
  • High School
  • HR
  • Teacher Training

School-Wide Updates

CAASPP Opt-Out Procedure

The testing department will begin accepting opt-outs February 19th. Parents will not email an opt-out directly to the testing department as in past years.

  • If a family is certain they want to opt-out:

    • The teacher will complete a survey and notify his/her RC.

    • RCs will monitor survey responses and send a pre-filled PDF with student information to the teacher.

    • Teacher will obtain parent signature on the pre-filled PDF and submit it via survey ~ detailed instructions to come


  • The window is just around the corner! Starts February 4!

  • PFT Proctor Assignments were shared in Monday’s weekly update.

  • Thank you to all HSTs for registering your students! If you have any stragglers, continue to register them ASAP.

  • REFUSAL: Please use this location if a parent is expressing that they refuse to participate in PFT. Please only use this location if you have exhausted all efforts to encourage participation.

    • Refusal does not equal opt out ~ the CDE does not recognize opt outs from PFT

  • Medical Excuses:

  1. Students should complete as many stations of the PFT as possible. Depending on the injury or condition, you may be able to collect partial data.
  2. Medical excuses should be sent by teacher to testing@inspireschools.org. Once a medical excuse has been accepted, a member of the testing team will register that student under the MEDICAL location in your Pathways.

  3. As a public charter school, Inspire's directive from the California Department of Education (CDE) is that "all students should be given as much of the PFT as they are able to take.”

Designated Supports

  • These trainings were shared with teachers in the fall and should have been completed by all HSTs.

  • Testing team will begin uploading all testing supports to the TOMS portal in February so that students will have access to them for CAASPP testing.

  • HSTs should have all designated supports added to the TOMS tab in Pathways by Feb. 4.

- These should be same or similar to supports that students receive in everyday educational activities.

- Need to be assigned to individuals, not your entire class.

*HSTs do not enter anything in Pathways for students with IEPs or 504s. Reach out to the SPED or 504 case manager if there are any questions about testing supports for these students.

Enrichment Adventures

  • It’s a New Year and EA has a new name!

  • The Enrichment Academy program will now be called Enrichment Adventures (EA)

  • Same, great program! This new name better reflects our purpose and vision as we seek to explore, learn, and grow together through a variety of activities and adventures.

  • Messaging has been shared with EA Families already

Accountability & Compliance

Work Sample Refresher! - Work Sample Do’s and Don’ts

Refresher Topics Include:

  • Auditor Requirement

  • Inspire’s Procedure

  • Withdrawing

  • TK Extended Work Samples

  • K-HS Work Samples

When: Wednesday, January 16th at 11 am (Session will be recorded & posted on HST Handbook)


  • Withdrawals are processed every week (Wednesday’s)

  • Prior to completing Withdrawal Survey, teachers must upload Attendance logs & Work Samples into School Pathways.

  • If there are any missing logs or samples we only have 5 school days to collect

  • After 5 days we will exit student and lose all attendance

Riverside County Withdrawal Smore Link


Ordering Update:

  • One-day turnaround time on order processing

  • Starting Monday: A few tech items can now be ordered through Enrichment:

    • All Kindle Fire readers and tablets: Must include a case and if a case is not included then Enrichment will order one for the family.

    • All printers: Educational Quality not to exceed 300 dollars

    • All orders for these items that were previously placed in Tech will be pulled next week and brought through our Enrichment team.

    • Apple products and computers must still go through tech

Ordering Reminder:

  • For accounting purposes enrichment certificates must be issued from the student’s account who is receiving the services

  • Example: A certificate for Beth must be issued from Beth’s account, not brother Bobby’s account

  • Also, services can be ordered up to 2 months in advance for up to 3 months of service - semester or year long courses are an exception

Vendor Relations

  • Brooke Peterson -- New Vendor Relations Administrator

  • Please contact Brooke (and CC Serena) for any vendor payment issues, vendor/parent disputes, or approval related difficulties

Friendly Reminder

  • Help families remember to place orders before services begin.

  • Also, we can never guarantee a vendor will refund payment but we can ask.

AP Courses

AP Courses

  • If your student is in an AP course that is not on the AP Course Ledger with the proper curriculum listed (if no curriculum is listed on AP Ledger, it is an Edgenuity AP course) AND a number under the 2018-1019 column

  • Please complete the AP Course-Adoption Request Survey by 1/29. *Filling out the survey does not guarantee the course will be accepted as AP by college board.


StrongMind Middle School Grades

  • HST remains teacher of record and will assign grade in Pathways

  • HQT will provide grades from StrongMind

    • These will come via email by the morning of Monday, January 28

  • If the student has only worked in StrongMind, the grade in Pathways should match the SM Teacher’s grade

  • If the student has completed other coursework or supplemental work, then the HST can enter a different grade in Pathways

Academic Decathlon Competition: 2-2-19

Our students have been preparing all semester for this competition! We are piloting online testing for the California Academic Decathlon.

Locations: VOLUNTEERS NEEDED - Academic Decathlon Volunteer Link

  • South/PCA - Poway Office (Tentative)

  • Los Angeles - Duarte Office (Tentative)

  • Kern/Heartland - Bakersfield Lending Library

  • Central - Fresno Office

  • North/Clarksville - Sacramento Office

*These competitions are not open to the public.

State Competition: March 22nd - 24th in Sacramento

  • Our top performing students will move on and represent Inspire for the VERY FIRST TIME at the California Academic Decathlon Competition!!
  • The Super Quiz at the State Competition is open to the public, and we would love to have local parents, students and staff members support Inspire students!


Performance Indicator Review (PIR)


District Level Annual Performance Report 2016-17 California Department of Education- Special Education Division Data, Evaluation and Analysis Unit Prepared March 2018 NOTE: “NA” indicates that the there was no data for the district for this Indicator or the item is not applicable. “NC” indicates that the item was not calculated due to small N-Size. An * indicates count less than 10 is suppressed due to FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) legislation.

Los Angeles Pages 416-421

Kern Pages 422-427

North Pages 428-433

South Pages 434-439

Central Pages 440-445

These reports are required by Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act of 2004 (IDEA) [20 U.S.C. 1416(b)(2)(C)(ii) and 34 CFR 300.602] and are directly connected to the CDE's Goals, Quality Assurance Process, and Focused Monitoring of special education programs. This is the ninth year reports have been prepared. Beginning this year, the report format has been changed to better align with the California Special Education Part B State Performance Plan (SPP) and the subsequent Part B Annual Performance Report (APR). Local educational agency (LEA) consist of school districts, county offices of education, and charter schools acting as LEAs. LEA reports based on data from school year 2016–17


Things to focus on :

Accurate reporting of graduation rates

Focus on increasing graduation rates and decrease dropout rates

Increase participation of student testing (Math and EL scores)

Train staff on suspension and data reporting

English Learners

EL Support Classes are returning for second semester.
  • It is open to any EL student. Space is limited

1st semester focus:
    • Language acquisition, fluency, and proficiency

    • ELPAC prep

    • Targeted LTEL

2nd semester focus:
    • Language acquisition, fluency, and proficiency

    • CAASPP prep

    • Targeting ELs with lower Star360 scores

Schedule with active links available in EL Resources Folder

Teachers of targeted students will be emailed directly over the next week or two.

High School Graduation Requirements & Course Outlines

  • We want to educate our families!

If you have questions ask please call Kathy or add them to the FAQ

*Link to Facebook Post

High School - Semester 1 Ends 1/24/19

Finishing semester 1

  • Semester Ends 1/24/19

    • All semester 1 HS courses must be complete by that day

    • Talk to families now about

  • Report card grades are due by Tuesday, 1/29/18

  • 1/25/19 is a student-free day for entering grades

Be ready for semester 2

  • Talk to families now about semester 2 curriculum

  • Be sure semester 2 courses and materials are ordered now so students can start semester 2 on time

  • Be sure all AG students taking lab science (biology, physics, chemistry) have signed up for their 2nd semester labs. See HST Handbook 5.17 and watch for B list to be updated.

High School - Counseling Info Session

  • Students, teachers, and parents are all welcome!

  • Recording and slides will be posted to the HS Website.

High School - Concurrent Enrollment

  • In order for high school students to receive high school credit for community college classes, the class needs to be added to the Master Agreement and work samples need to be collected

  • Please show proof of enrollment (i.e. screenshot of registration screen) to your Inspire counselor

  • The counselor will then add the course into Pathways

  • If your student dropped the community college course, please notify your counselor so that the course can be removed from Pathways

  • Review the concurrent enrollment process in the HST Handbook

Human Resources

Helios - Electronic HR System

  • RTO Requests

  • Evaluation

  • Personal information

Introductory Email was sent Monday

  • Web Address

  • Username

  • Password

  • RTO Instructions

  • Instructions in HST Handbook

Training Department

Learning Styles:

This month we will continue our collaboration with the Curriculum department to bring Learning Styles more deeply into the culture at Inspire.

A note from Celia:

Your learning style is your learning personality, it affects how you learn, work, and communicate. Different learning styles have different learning needs. All are equally important and valuable.

  • Please join us on Wednesday, January 16th at 2:30 for our Modalities Masterclass with a focus on learning styles
  • https://zoom.us/j/377977635

Organization with Microsoft OneNote:

This week we began the first round of sharing OneNote with staff during the Thursday Best Practices with Maria session.

  • Looking for more individuals that are interested in learning about this productivity tool.
  • Staff will be able to sign up to be part of the Microsoft Pilot focusing on OneNote and Microsoft Planner as well as Microsoft Outlook. This group will hold from 30-50 individuals. After the first pilot group is up and running another pilot session may open in the spring.
  • To sign up to be part of the pilot group, attend the Thursday’s Best Practices session on either 1/10/2019 or 1/17/2019 and fill out the survey.

A Few Things...