Aspects of Religion

By Mikaela Wood


Symbols are pictures or things that relate to something.

Symbols of Judaism

One of the symbols of Judaism is the Star of david. The star of David is said to represent the shape of king david shield.

Symbols of Catholicism

The most know symbol of Catholicism Is the crucifix. It is important because Jesus died on it as a sacrifice for us.


Beliefs are what people think and feel is right and follow.

Catholic Beliefs

A catholics main belief is in the trinity, The father, Son and Holy Spirit as their Gods.

Jewish Beliefs

Jewish people believe in only one god as their creator and Lord.


Rituals are things that people do regally and happen often.

Catholic Rituals

The main rituals of the catholic church is getting the 7 sacrements they are Baptisum, Conformation, Eucharist, Anointing of the sick, reconciliation, holy orders and matrimony.

Jewish Rituals

Jewish Rituals include Hanika and Having a Bar mitzvah, when a boy becomes an adult and not going out on Saturday the day of the Sabbath


Ethics are like codes of conducts and rules to like by.

Catholic Ethics

An example of ethics in Catholics are the 10 commandments.

Jewish Ethics

Jewish people share much of the old testament with catholics and also have the 10 commandments.

Sacred Texts!

Sacred text are important things written down to be remembered.

Catholic Sacred texts

The book where most of the catholic sacred texts are found is the Holy Bible, The bible tells us about all things important to the catholic religion.

Jewish Sacred texts

The Jewish Sacred text is the Tanakh It includes the same Books as the catholic old testament although with small differences in the order and stories.

Myths and Stories!

Myths and Stories are writings that may or may not be true.

Catholic Myths and Stories

Catholic Myths and Stories are found in the Bible They all may or may not be true but they are put in there to teach us a lesson.

Jewish Myths and Stories

Jewish Myths and Stories are found In the Tanakh, many of theses stories are found in the old testament.

Social Structures!

Social Structures are the order of every thing and one involved in something.

Catholic Social Structures

The Catholic church Social structure is the pope and all the people after them.

Jewish Social Structures

The Social structue of the Jewish church is priests, Levites then regular Jewish people.

Spiritually experiences!

Spirituality Experiences are wow moments in life that give you a closer connect to your religion.

Catholic Spiritually Experience

People have Catholic wow moment that connect them to god they may experience this through prayer

Jewish Spiritually Experience

Jewish people can experience wow moments where ever and when ever they feel colse to god they often find this connection at prayer.