Public Speaking

Join us and speak your opinion

Join public speaking

If you enjoy debating and stating your opinion, then this class is right for you!

Everyday we practice our speaking skills

Public speaking is a fun, easy class that will help you conquer your fears of stage fright. It is an elective that can be selected at the beginning of the year. If you decide to join follow these 6 easy steps when presenting a speech:
  1. Clarify your objective.
  2. Analyze your audience.
  3. Collect and organize your information.
  4. Choose your visual aids.
  5. Prepare your notes.
  6. Practice your delivery

Guaranteed to be useful

Why is this class useful?

It helps you to over come your fears of speaking in front of people, along with improving your social/communication skills. Majority of future careers require you to be able to speak with large crowds without being scared. This class will help you for the thing you'll need in the future.
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