Findley In Person Learning

Important hybrid information for families

Return to School - Hybrid

The information in this Newsletter is for Findley parents/guardians and students.

Please review this information with your student before the first day of school for Hybrid as it explains what the school day will be like and what students will need to bring to school.

Start date for grades K, 1 & 2 is Monday, April 5th.

Start date for grades 3, 4, & 5 is Thursday, April 8th. (new date!)

Click here to watch the Beaverton School District Hybrid Elementary video.

Hybrid is on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 9:00am-11:15am

Health & Safety Guidelines

  • Please conduct a Home Health Screening each day prior to sending your child to school.
  • Bus Drivers and/or Teachers will also be conducting a Visual Screening upon arrival at school
  • If a student presents with symptoms, they will be escorted to our Isolation Room.
  • Their adults will be contacted immediately.


8:45 to 9:00 Hybrid Student Arrival

9:00 to 11:15 - Hybrid: Content Instruction

  • Reading, Writing, Math and Health for hybrid students

11:15 Dismissal

*Students will continue with CDL instruction at home in the afternoon (12:15-2:30pm) on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday.

During this time they will have PE & Music. Two days of PE (one live and one asynchronous) and two days of Music (one live and one asynchronous).

Depending on your student, they might also have ELD, specially designed instruction and/or intervention in the afternoon as well.

Wednesdays will continue as is with a 45 minute whole class morning connection via CDL, 8:30-9:15*

*Times for whole class meeting may vary by teacher depending on their schedule and office hours


  • Students can arrive anytime between 8:45am and 9:00am

  • As soon as students arrive they will go directly inside the school to class (no students go to the gym before going to class like we do in a regular school year) - staff will be supervising outside. Students will have a designated entrance, which is dependent on their grade. *See Table below.

  • Students will be spaced 6 feet apart as they walk to class

  • Once in class they will receive a squirt of hand sanitizer and go directly to their desk - desks are spaced 6 feet a part

  • Students will keep their belongings at their desk space and use their chair to hang their coat and backpack.

  • The bell will ring at 9:00am signaling it’s time for learning to begin - students that arrive after 9:00am will have to check in at the school office before going to class

  • If you plan to walk with your students we ask that you remain on the grass (in the front of the school) or on the sidewalk (south side of the school) to help us keep crowd size to a minimum. If you will be driving them, please remain in vehicles. We will have several staff members out to help supervise.

Big picture


  • We will begin a staggered dismissal at 11:15am

  • Walkers and car pick-ups will be dismissed first and should go directly home, or to car pick-up, south-side driveway.
  • Car pick up students will wait on the fire lane, spaced 6 ft a part until their ride has arrived.
  • If you are meeting your child to walk home, please help us by remaining socially distanced while you wait for your student to be released.
  • Bus Riders will be dismissed as buses arrive at Findley.

  • Students that ride a bus will go directly to the bus from their classroom when notified of bus arrival.

Suggestions for Families

  • If you have siblings who will be meeting each other at dismissal and walking home together, please help them identify a meeting place at dismissal.

  • If you are picking up your child to walk home, please identify a meeting place that allows for you to practice social distancing, preferably away from building exits.

  • If you will be picking up your student in a vehicle, please have a sign on your dashboard with your student(s) name to assist our staff in getting your student to you quickly and efficiently.

Classroom Routines

  • Students receive a squirt of hand sanitizer as they enter their classroom.

  • With every transition, students will use the hand sanitizer (for example, when they return from the bathroom or from a movement break outside).

  • Water fountains are closed but students are allowed to have a water bottle on their desk to drink water as needed and will be allowed to fill them up as needed.

  • Your student’s teacher will let you know if students will need to bring their device (iPad or Chromebook) to school each day - and then take it back home to use in the afternoon.

Cohorts, Entry, Exit and Restrooms

Students will be placed into 5 Cohorts:

  • Cohort 1 is Kindergarten and 1st

  • Cohort 2 is 2nd

  • Cohort 3 is 3rd

  • Cohort 4 is 4th

  • Cohort 5 is 5th

Each Group will use a separate set of entrances/exits (see table above) and restrooms.

Group 2 and 4 will be assigned to the same restroom.

In each of the restrooms we will have a limit of 2 students. We will use a magnet system to identify if the restroom is available for use or not. Students in K-3 will have adult escorts to the restrooms until the routine can be established.

What Do I Bring to School?

  • A backpack

  • A water bottle (filled with water only - no juice, milk, smoothies - just water)

  • A coat or jacket (the teacher may take the class outside for a movement break and walk the path - students will not have recess on the playground - the district has closed school playgrounds)

  • A mask - students will be required to wear a mask at all times

All school supplies identified by your child’s teacher. Some supplies will be provided by the school. Check with your child’s teacher for specifics.

Students will be able to store their supplies and books inside their desk (there will be no shared materials).

Other Important Information

  • Take home meals will be sent home with all students. Meals are FREE to all students. Parents can request vegetarian meals, please contact the office to request this option and can opt out at anytime if they would like to using this form:

    Opt Out Form-Click Here

  • PE & Music will remain CDL and will happen in the afternoon for Hybrid students-check with your teacher(s) for times

  • English Language Development (ELD), Speech, Intervention and Resource Room services will remain CDL and will happen in the afternoon for Hybrid students

  • We will have one fire drill each month (just like we would during a typical school year) as required by the Fire Marshal teachers bring their classes outside to designated areas.

  • The playground is closed daily until 4 PM; however, teachers can give students movement breaks in the classroom and take their students outside to walk on the walking path for a quick movement break once each day for about 8 minutes