No Hope With Dope

Don't do drugs

effects of living

Doing dope has bad effects you can be in a mansion at first, then "poof" your on the street begging for help, money, and food. It can all be over in a blink of eye

effects of looks

Doing dope will change how you look first your going to parties and clubs, then people will be calling you ma'am and it causes grow a lot of facial hair.

JUST SAY NO!!!!!!!!

effects of Dope

you'll end up like this guy behind bars, and you will have heart attacks.


This a big NO NO. you can do 3 things sniff, smoke, and shooting it.

slow poke

Dope will make you very slow at reflexes, movement, and thinking.
Saved by the Bell - No Hope With Dope
Don't do Drugs and Don't talk to Strangers