Bronco Bulletin


May 13, 2016


A BIG thanks to PTA and our wonderful teacher parent support for a successful fund-raising year!

PTA was able to purchase all of the following items to put directly in the hands of our students!

Leveled Reading books: 141 different titles, 846 actual books! Total: $5,160

Annual BrainPop subscription (school and home): $1,800

12 IPads with cases: $4,800

16 Osmo kits: $1,600

Total PTA contribution: $13,360

A small way for me to say thank you for all you do....

Jeans for the rest of the year! Also, you may wear shorts on your field day day, but they need to be appropriate length which is close to the knee. 5th grade teachers may wear appropriate shorts for 5th grade picnic. The only exception: Please dress professionally for your Awards Day ceremony.

Draft Master Schedule 2016-2017 is available in C&I.

Staff Update

We have a new 4th grade teacher! See her message below.

SPG Reminders

Please make sure that you have a score in SchoolNet for all students in Pre-k, SID PID GAA Grades, 4th Grade Music, Art, and PE as well as Math for grades 1, 2, 3. SPGs are NOT to be entered into the gradebook. These scores represent student growth ONLY. The district will pull the data to determine that student's growth for the required subject for the year. If you have any hard copies of any SPGs, please return them to me ASAP along with any halos that need to be scored. I will be shipping shred materials back to the district office on Tuesday, May 18. Let Beth and I know if you are missing a student's score ASAP. Let us also know if you have any questions.

DAs--District Assessments

Please make sure you have a converted score documented in the grade book for Grades 3 Science and Social Studies, Grades 4, 5 ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies. You must administer any make ups on your student laptop when the student returns if they are absent. If you have any hard copies of the test in your possession, please return them to my office ASAP along with any halos that need to be scored. I will be shipping shred materials back to the district office on Tuesday, May 18. Please have make ups completed by that time. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Upcoming Building Weekend Hours

Saturday, May 21st 9am-3pm

Sunday, May 22nd noon-4pm

Awards Day Lunch

Please follow the early release pick up lunch schedule for Awards Day May 23 and 24.

My name is Tamara Miller. I am from Colbert, GA.; just 10 minutes from the home of the Georgia Bulldogs! The upcoming 2016-2017 school year will mark my 12th year of teaching!! I have taught Adult Education, Pre-K, 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, and now 4th grade. I am also a dedicated mom to four wonderful children- a 9th grader, 8th grader, 4th grader, and a sweet little kindergartner. Yes, you bet....I am a busy woman. But, I love my family and I love my profession, so the job gets done! In my spare time, I enjoy relaxing, reading, shopping-not for groceries, and trying new things. I look forward to a great year at G.O.E.S!!




A section has been added to the End of Year Party Schedule in OneNote for you to indicate whether or not you need food from the cafeteria that day. Please update so Tammy will know how much food to prepare. Thank you.


May 16.............Class Lists for Rising K

May 16.............Media Center Volunteer Party

May 17.............GCPL Summer Sign Up

May 17.............Albert's Wedding Shower

May 18.............Field Day Grades K-2

May 19.............Field Day Grades 3-5

May 19.............GOES Staff Kickball

May 20.............GCPL Summer Sign Up

May 20.............RBES Results Due

May 20.............Field Day Rain Make-up

May 21.............Building Open 9:00 - 3:00

May 22.............Building Open Noon - 4:00

May 23.............Awards - 2nd (8:30) & 3rd (12:00) - classes eat in classrooms

May 24.............5th Grade Parade (8:20)

May 24.............Awards - 4th (12:00) & 5th (8:30) - classes eat in classrooms

May 24.............5th Grade Promotion Ceremony at Grace Fellowship Church

May 25.............5th Grade Picnic (10:30 - 12:00) - Playground

May 25.............SPG's Post Assessments Window Closes

May 25.............LAST DAY OF SCHOOL


Congratulations to Tiffany Pruitt! Tiffany is an incredible resource for all teachers! She is always willing to help and share her ideas. Her enthusiasm is contagious. Tiffany's smile and positive attitude make Gwin Oaks a great place to be. She is a constant lifesaver!


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Labs and Student Laptops

The lab/cart schedule has been updated with the current DDA and SPG testing schedule.

I am HOPING to have as many classroom computers back in your rooms by Wednesday.

Thank you for your patience and understand during this busy online-testing schedule.

End of the Year Equipment Return

Please KEEP your bag that your laptops are in so that you can turn all student laptops in them at the end of May.

Please be on the look out for any extra laptop chargers. Look at home, in your laptop bag, and cabinets. Please turn in ANY extra cables you find around your room. You are responsible for turning in all items or you will need to replace them.

NO Student BYOD the last week of school.

Classroom Supply Order

Each year teachers are given an allotted amount of school funds to purchase supplies for the upcoming school year. These supplies must be purchased through county approved vendors (eProcurement catalog or Office Dimensions catalog). Now is the time to take inventory of what you already have and ONLY order what you still need for your new classroom. Please read over the directions and funding amounts for your 16-17 Classroom.

Teachers please make individual supply lists to assist you in dispersing once the supply order arrives. Do NOT include items that are already provided in the vault that Gretchen orders on a regular basis, ex. sticky notes, pens, etc.

Grade levels 1-5: Please submit ONE order for the entire grade level.

ONLY Kindergarten and Special ED should submit individual orders to Gretchen.

In order for supplies to be ordered accurately please follow this example for submitting your order: If every teacher orders a box of crayons then the order needs to state that the grade level needs 7 boxes of crayons, not 7 individual orders for boxes of crayons.

1- Log onto the portal

2-Click onto Tools

3-Then select eProcurement Catalog

4- Select supplies

5- Press Submit

If supplies requesting are not available in the eProcurement Catalog you may order from Office Dimension (see Gretchen for catalog)

Please keep in mind:

-This is a max, not a required spending!

-Please ONLY buy what you don't already have.

-Do not order regular office supplies that are maintained in the Vault (where the paper is stored)

Non-Classroom Teachers -$25

1-5 -$60

Kindergarten $100

Special Ed -As per grade level

Specific Questions about funds -please see Gretchen

* Resource teachers order with your regular Ed class. IF you need something for your small group let Gretchen know.

All orders use the same link -

Orders are due by May 20th.

Finally IF you don’t fall in one of these categories PLEASE email Gretchen!



The county is updating the promotion code for this year's report cards. Please wait on adding the old code to the comments.


Grades are due Sunday, May 15th, at 11pm

Terri will print verification sheets Monday, May 16th

Verification sheets are due to Tonya on Wednesday, May 18, by 4pm

Awards Day letters go home Thursday , May 19th

Awards Day is May 23 & 24

Report Cards go home May 25th

Handouts are available in Everything GOES in the C&I.

Also be aware that the parent portal switched over, too. Therefore, no grades are posted in the parent portal after May 25th. Only in student course history.

Assistive Technology End-of-the-Year Procedures

Special Ed, please view the End of the Year Procedures for Assisstive Technology


In order to better serve teachers wanting to use tablets, starting now, please complete the form for preplanned tablet use.

You my continue to stop by and see if they are available for last minute lessons; however those who requested have priority.


Educators with a New Degree Upgrade, conferred in May or June, must have their application to the Certification Department by June 13, 2016. See Sherry for the forms.


Updated summer address and phone numbers link


Don't forget...Relay for Life at the Gwinnett County Fairgrounds is tonight. Activities begin at 6:00 and go all night long. Come out and support the Gwin Oaks team as we go "Full Steam Ahead to Find a Cure for Cancer". Wear your Full Steam Ahead shirt and look for Gwin Oaks at site #420.

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Come see the season finale of Northeast Atlanta Ballet's Beauty and the Beast. The dates are Friday, May 20 @ 7:30 p.m. and Sunday May 22nd @ 3:00 at the Gwinnett Infinite Performing Arts Center. The shows are family friendly and filled with talented girls from our school and cluster. See these dance moms for tickets:

Leigh Blakely

Tiffany Taylor


Gwinnett Medical Center Urgent Care Centers - Hamilton Mill and Sugar Hill

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Please mark your calendar for next Saturday, May 21, for the Vulcan Materials Quarry Crush Run! It is an honor to be invited to run with only a few districts selected in Georgia and races in only four states! Best of all...proceeds benefit schools in the Meadowcreek Cluster! Click here to register TODAY!